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One of my small blog with WordPress, has been placed on foreign host, feel the speed of access is too slow, so intend to move to the domestic host. The result of the moving process appeared some problems, a whole day, only to find solutions, so a little tidy up, if there are webmaster friends encounter the same problem, can help a little busy.

Moving process: WordPress whole station to move the tutorial, the network has a lot, some articles have been said very clearly, in order to describe the problem clearly, I briefly said moving steps:

1, the entire Web site wordpress download to the Local

2, backup database, download to local.

3, the modified whole station file uploaded to the new host.

4, Import the backup database.

5, modify the root directory under the Wp-config.php database information, user name, password, server address and so on.

The following are the problems and solutions that I encountered during my moving.

Problem One: Background access can not, restore two or three plug-ins and access.

Through the above moving steps, the homepage of the site can be normal access, but not the background landing, direct is blank, what hint is not. The problem is in the plugin, the network on the solution is: through FTP, rename the plugins folder, you can log back to the background of the normal. After landing the plugins folder to modify the back, and then in the installed Plug-ins to activate Plug-ins.

I encountered the problem is: the activation of the plug-in process, the activation of the two or three after the installation of a, immediately the entire backstage again appeared blank, renamed that plug-in, and can be normal access, but no longer install any one plug-in. WordPress is relying on these plug-ins to work, it is not possible to use these plug-ins.

Toss for a long time, only to find the reason, it turns out that these plug-ins have too much memory, resulting in insufficient memory.

WORKAROUND: Increase the available memory for WordPress.

Edit wp-config.php This file

Find define (' db_name ', ' winestable ');

Before it adds: define (' Wp_memory_limit ', ' 96M ');

Here, 96M can be written more, such as 128M or 256M, to see their own host restrictions, modified, the normal access to the foreground and background on the description available.

Question two: The first page shows normal, section page, article page appears 404 error.

Open the website, the first page display is normal, but the column page, article page can not show, the hint is 404. The reason for this problem is that prior to the WordPress set up pseudo static, fixed links used a custom structure. Now that you're moving in, you don't have to reset the pseudo static so you can't access it.

Solution: In fact, do not have to set anything, only need to log in the background--settings-fixed links, save changes on it. Of course, the host also set pseudo static rules, space pseudo static rules, space vendors generally provide. I'm using a telecommunications mainframe,. htaccess file rules are as follows:

# Open Rewriteengine Mode

Rewriteengine on

# If the program is in the root directory


# Rewrite System rules do not modify

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^topic-(. +) \.html$ portal.php?mod=topic&topic=$1&%1

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^forum-(W)-([0-9]+) \.html$ forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=$1&page=$2&%1

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^thread-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+) \.html$ forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=$1&extra=page\%3d$3 &page=$2&%1

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^group-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+) \.html$ forum.php?mod=group&fid=$1&page=$2&%1

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^space-(Username|uid)-(. +) \.html$ home.php?mod=space&$1=$2&%1

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^archiver/(Fid|tid)-([0-9]+) \.html$ archiver/index.php?action=$1&value=$2&%1

The above is my WordPress moved in the process of two problems, I hope to help you a bit, especially in the presence of plug-ins to enable the background landing blank, here to remind the WordPress moved

Friends, do not move before moving to delete the original data on the host, there are errors, you can come back again.

This article by the Wine Table Blog original, reprint please keep the link http://www.winestable.com/so that friends who encounter the same problem to see the demo site used.

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