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Abstract: Drawing @ Huaxi Metropolis Daily: Remember the Windows XP system boot and the blue sky and white clouds scenery? The most classic systems have been with us for growth. After 13 years of work, XP retired today, if you are still using the XP system to forward a little bit of praise. Today (


@ Huaxi Metropolis Daily: Remember the Windows XP system boot and the blue sky and white clouds landscape map? The most classic systems have been with us for growth. After 13 years of work, XP retired today, if you are still using the XP system to forward a little bit of praise.

Today (8th) is a memorable day in the IT world-stop technical support for the Windows XP operating system. Windows XP, the most popular desktop operating system in history, retires after 13 years in service. This means that in the second Tuesday of each month, Microsoft will no longer appear on XP users ' computers, and the unprotected "veteran" has been completely abandoned by Microsoft.

For many netizens, XP has difficult to give up the feelings of many people with the computer's first intimate contact began in the XP system of the boot and the blue sky and white clouds landscape map. According to CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) data show, 57% of Chinese XP users hold "can drag and drop" mentality!

Don't want to spend money to upgrade new systems, remember the following actions

After finishing all the patches and backing up the important data, Microsoft will release the last patch today (8th).

Use security software to reduce the risk of system attack while slowly upgrading the system.

System computers that do not have access to the Internet but use Windows XP can disable usb devices.

IE6 users with built-in XP systems will not be able to update, users should upgrade to IE8, or change to a Third-party browser.

XP retires today as events drag on

Microsoft Windows XP operating system RTM version released on August 24, 2001, the retail version of the listing on October 25, 2001, the service has been nearly 13 spring and autumn.

In January 2007, Microsoft first proposed a plan to stop selling Windows XP systems. June 30, Microsoft stopped selling Windows XP, and announced that 2009 will stop the main technical support for Windows XP, under the user's strong request this period was delayed until April 8, 2014.

From April 8, Microsoft will no longer provide technical assistance for Windows XP systems, including stopping the provision of Windows XP system patches and security updates, and no longer addressing new vulnerabilities that have been discovered since. Not only that, Microsoft's free anti-virus software will no longer provide updates to Windows XP users. This means that computers that are still running XP in the future will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

What to do in the future? Microsoft's solution seems to be simple: Upgrade directly to newer Windows operating systems, or eliminate existing computers. At present, Microsoft's latest operating system WINDOW8 Ordinary Edition price is 888 yuan. While Microsoft has launched some upgrade packages to encourage users to migrate to Win8, replacing the new operating system still means spending more.

Impact on individual users is not significant

Reporter interviewed Broadway related person, the other side said, when Microsoft stopped Windows XP Technical Services Update, many Third-party protection software will be non-genuine XP system to provide a single patch support, even if Microsoft has stopped the support of XP, these software will continue to provide related vulnerabilities through the relevant patch, At present, most of the domestic computer installed anti-virus software, computer protection and general defense can provide better services, continue to use upgradeable security software will reduce the risk of system attack. It can be said that for individual users, XP system decommissioning has little impact.

Yesterday, Chengdu Broadway machine Sales Dinghongyang told Huaxi Metropolitan newspaper reporter, recently to upgrade the Microsoft operating system compared to the past no significant changes, they installed a Windows7 new system to 50 yuan, installed WINDOWS8 is also the price, but few people.

Dinghongyang that the user is accustomed to the operating interface of XP, and the new version of Microsoft's operating system is not obvious improvements, coupled with the current majority of game applications are applicable to XP, users do not have the power to do their own upgrades, "installed Windows7 is mainly corporate users, they pay more attention to security." Many ordinary users of the patch update does not have any concept, as long as the system can run, can play games can use software, have security software protection, can meet the demand. ”

Lack of patch causes supermarket registers "blue screen" fault

As opposed to ordinary users, Microsoft's support services to the XP, the enterprise users more impact, because many enterprises work platform is based on XP system, upgrade to a high version or Office software incompatible situation.

According to the Oriental today reported that a Beijing supermarket cashier computer "blue screen" failure caused the cash register system paralysis, a large number of consumers are unable to checkout and trapped in the supermarket. According to the supermarket site repair computer It engineers, the supermarket computer all configured XP system, because there is no timely patching, nor the installation of effective security software, so the computer appears "blue screen" failure.

According to incomplete statistics, XP Enterprise Edition currently covers industries and fields including retail logistics and library Management system, Bank ATM self-service system, library borrowing system, water and electricity company Information Management system, Subway Gate check-in System, hospital internal management system, and a variety of dependent on XP system can not upgrade the high version of the financial software.

XP decommissioning has raised concerns about ATM security as global 95%ATM machines use XP systems. However, 360 security information expert An Yang explained to reporters that XP stop support does not affect domestic ATM security. "Domestic ATM machine is not to play the operating system patches, and ATM private network and external network is a physical isolation, can not be implanted through the network in ATM Trojan virus, in addition, the domestic ATM machine blocked USB input interface, can not be implanted through an external device Trojan virus or tamper with the system configuration. ATM machine security is relatively high. But in the long run, bank ATMs are also under pressure to upgrade their operating systems. ”

In addition, the hospital is also a typical enterprise user of XP system. And, because the hospital belongs to it technical strength weak traditional unit. Once an XP vulnerability attack occurs, it poses a fatal risk to both doctors and patients.

According to the National Computer Virus Emergency treatment center United North Source of 465 companies surveyed, 44.4% of enterprise users choose to continue to use the XP system. Among them, the hardware comparison can not be upgraded to a high version of Windows, worried about the slow speed after the upgrade, application software system can not upgrade to the Windows version (especially in the hospital industry); need to wait for industry supervisors or information security authorities (e.g. military, confidential) The arrangement and so on becomes the enterprise to remain behind the XP system main reason. But staying behind XP means that corporate computers are more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

Suspected overlord clause?

In response to Microsoft's end of XP support services, many in the legal profession pointed out that the Microsoft practice does not comply with the relevant legal provisions, and does not care for the interests of consumers.

It is reported that users in the installation of XP and other genuine software, must agree with the license agreement and the supplementary agreement of many restrictive conditions of use. The Microsoft End User License Agreement stipulates that "Microsoft reserves the right to discontinue such services," and "any damage caused by the use or inability to use the software, as provided by the software for any internet-based service that you have made available to you or for you." including but not limited to loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information or other financial losses caused by damage, is not responsible for.

In the well-known it legal experts, China Network Law Network chief Legal Adviser Zhao occupation appears, these terms suspected overlord clause, unilateral mitigation of their responsibilities. "When using a product to cause damage to the user, it should be ascertained that the cause of the damage lies in who, if the party does not provide the service of the contract business, shall be liable to the user." Zhao Occupation said, whether belongs to the Overlord clause needs the industry and Commerce Department cognizance, or in the user sues the case, by the court to determine. Zhao occupation said that for Microsoft's unilateral termination of the contract caused by losses, consumers have the right to sue.

In response, Microsoft Greater China Vice President, Consumer channel Division general Manager Cheung, said that the purchase of XP consumers equivalent to the purchase of software products license. In the end User License Agreement, Microsoft has not pledged to continue to provide support services beyond the original warranty period. Free support and services for XP, whether from Microsoft, vendors or OEM companies, have far exceeded the warranty period stipulated in Chinese contracts and laws. Therefore, there is no corresponding obligation to provide support services outside the original warranty period.


Security vendors Benefit XP extension services

Microsoft quit, who for XP "endowment", take up the security work of XP?

In the opinion of Zhang, CEO of the media consulting, in addition to Microsoft itself, XP decommissioning has given the security vendors who are currently offering solutions for XP retirement a good opportunity to compete for user and brand influence, and security makers ' protection against XP has also become a new profit-making point, with the expected new information security market to be sizeable.

According to the North Source research results, XP retired transition period may still need to continue for 1-5 years, the new information security market is expected to reach 5 billion to 6 billion.

Up to now, including, Jinshan, 360, North Source, rising, trend technology and so on almost all involved in information security manufacturers have aimed at this cake, launched the XP system after the retirement of free security solutions. Microsoft China, Lenovo and Tencent also jointly launched the "Fence Windows XP user support action" to provide a range of security services including "system upgrade Assistance", "XP system Security Initiative Defense", "XP rescue Service Station", "XP user-specific security software". According to the reporter understand, although the relevant support services are free of charge, but do not rule out the future of the factory chamber to provide fee-based services.

Who is best able to protect XP? From the Qingming Festival, an unknown company organized the "XP Challenge" network security competition, based on Windows XP No patch environment, simulation April 8 after the loss of Microsoft support and the porous XP system. Under the protection of Tencent, Jinshan and 360 of security products, hackers can use vulnerabilities to attack the XP system and steal DOC documents inside the computer to test which security products are more reliable.

In the industry's view, there is no authoritative third party to organize such a game, more like a talk about the public relations farce. "This competition has to be organized and judged by Microsoft, but it is clear that Microsoft is unwilling to take this offending job, and that what he wants most is for everyone to upgrade to a new version of Microsoft that is unprofitable to a large number of pirated XP users." A security professional said bluntly.

Why does China have no autonomous operating system?

The operating system can be divided into three categories in the cloud computing environment: one is the operating system used by the cloud Computing Center, which supports a variety of information systems and networks; a variety of intelligent terminals used in the operating system for a variety of PCs, notebooks, ultra-polar desktop terminals, smartphones, tablets and other mobile terminals, set-top box, Intelligent TV and other home terminals, in addition to embedded operating systems, for industrial control equipment, things networking equipment and consumer electronic equipment and so on.

NI, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Computational Science of CAs, explains: The first kind of operating system, the development of domestic systems is good, the 23rd type of system is very poor localization. In particular, the intelligent terminal operating system, the world is basically only three-, (micro-BO) and Microsoft, China is no exception.

In the past, China's science and technology planning has been supported, but lack of top-level design. In the past, only a few small companies to do desktop operating system, in the absence of intellectual property research, support a number of mobile systems in foreign countries to modify, do mobile operating system, the formation of low-level duplication.

In addition, there is a lack of understanding of the monopolistic nature of the operating system in the overall planning arrangement, focusing only on certain applications and not on the public service market. Cause our country in this field long-term controlled.

In addition to mark the newspaper reporter interview, other content synthesis "Beijing Times" "Oriental Today," Xinhua daily

Where is the homemade system?

Red Flag Linux: In 2006 the State Council issued the "National Medium and long term Science and technology development plan" and manned spaceflight, lunar exploration project is tied as one of 16 major scientific and technological projects, but the current developer of Red Flag has been declared closed.

Galaxy Kylin (Kylin): The open source server operating system developed by the National Defense Science and Technology University, China Soft Company, Lenovo Company, Wave Group and national Star Company. But it has been blamed for plagiarism since its release.

Winning Linux: Winning the bid for Pu-Hua Linux is the operating system of Shanghai Software Co., Ltd. But the main users are China Mobile, China Telecom, Unicom's 3G business.

cos:2014 January 15, the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued an operating system with independent intellectual property rights-China operating system cos (keyboard-based system), at present, the relevant product screenshots, introduction and other information is still very little.

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