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This spring festival, the migrant workers in Hangzhou Ting Limin 10 days in advance to get the ticket home. And in the past to the station in line to buy tickets different, he used this year is called "The Cat" app, the workers of the cat helped him to book the train tickets. Now, he says, we migrant workers have their own apps. His favorite use is "work cat" to find a job, neighboring factory to make friends function. After the Spring Festival, Ting Limin and most migrant workers to change jobs, he intends to test the "cat" to provide a range of security services.

"Working cat" on the line of the first month, registered users over million. There are migrant workers and the founder of Qin Technology, the proposal to print some with "cat" two-dimensional code and the Chinese calendar of small cards, they will be on the train to pay off, each let the whole compartment of the peasant workers also experience a concern about migrant workers living in this new "home."

Qin said: "Migrant workers are willing to help us, the most important reason is that we have found the heart of migrant workers pain point, our mission is to allow migrant workers to work more dignified." ”

What is a dignified job, in Qin view, the first is to use the Internet to eliminate black intermediaries, sweatshops, so that migrant workers like Taobao shopping, to those intermediary and employers evaluation, followed by the migrant workers through free training, from manual labor to skilled workers.

In the "Work Cat" before, Qin spent 10 years, the migrant workers in the process of employment "touched the whole time." 1999 Qin from the northwest to Hangzhou, 2003 years to catch up with the internet boom set up a mass job network, business model is to allow migrant workers to find work online. "Even if open a steamed bread shop, every day must sell a few bar, but my job net is really six months not a single deal." "9 months past, the project failed, Qin put in more than 100,000, had to find a part-time job." "Later analysis, is that I do too advanced, when ordinary people are still dial-up Internet, peasant workers which have the conditions to use the network?" ”

2006 Qin again entrepreneurial, this time he chose the migrant workers for the dispatch and outsourcing, successively for Panasonic, Master Kang, Foxconn and other enterprises to transport hundreds of thousands of of technicians. He went to the factory every month to see how he dispatched the old peasant workers. He recalls that once went to a chemical factory, saw the foot of the peasant workers fester, a question to know that the factory hair protection shoes are defective, not to protect the role of migrant workers in the environment is full of smell, not even a mask. He rushed into the boss's office to accuse each other of "money can not take other people's health and life to change, if you do not supplement labor and medical care, I will take these ' dolls ' leave." In his eyes, the migrant workers out of work, are "dolls", are parents heart of the baby. A few days later, the working conditions of the chemical plant did not improve, Qin decisively with more than 40 migrant workers evacuated.

With the increase of labor dispatching business, Qin found that migrant workers must have the skills to raise their income. In 2012, he founded a school designed to provide skills training for migrant workers, the name of which is called "keeping positive". The school name is an investor takes, the period Xu Shouzheng own heart, for the peasant laborer does some practical simple desire.

Over the past two years, Shou-Feng Express School, gan its food, the concept of taste and other enterprises of migrant workers to provide free training. These well-trained technicians are highly sought after by the enterprise. Hangzhou, a restaurant chain general manager of the feedback is: Shou-training of migrant workers to improve the efficiency of 300%, the number of stores to reduce employment 43%, migrant workers pay 30%, turnover rate greatly reduced.

"With 10 years of experience in the employment of migrant workers, only to precipitate the ' cat ' dream today." "Qin hope that the use of mobile internet and O2O closed loop, so that migrant workers can quickly find a good job, enjoy a secure working treatment and humane care, no need to pay, have career planning, have skills, more dignified to work ... Migrant workers through the work of cat looking for jobs, if the boss ran away, wages by the "cat" in full compensation. The "Working Cat" program also provides the necessary help for rural children.

"Working cat" before the establishment of 3 Ali Kibaki Angel Investment, investors asked Qin "Do not forget the beginner for migrant workers." "Working cat" team has Ali, foreign executives, but also has 10 years of factory-level HR, Labor outsourcing experts. "Working cat" will pay attention to migrant workers to work in the ecological and working life, to create a blue-collar employment ecosystem, the business flow in the year will be hundreds of billions of dollars in the scale of funds precipitation, including the future of internet finance, rural electricity business entrance expectations.

Up to now, the "cat" has been for more than 200 migrant workers brothers bought train tickets. In addition, through the form of lottery, to some migrant workers to give tickets and train tickets, estimated the total amount of nearly 30,000 yuan. "Although this is only a little bit of money, we serve the migrant worker's heart." "Qin said.

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