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Four years of the World Cup on the rhythm of the summer near, a football fans are filled with fiery anticipation, but also to the surrounding businesses set off a burst of market carnival whirlwind, color TV industry has become one of the biggest beneficiaries. It is reported that this year Brazil's World Cup major tournament will be the first 4K broadcast, will lead a new round of the 4K popularization of the storm, but also is expected to become the Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the 4K area of the Battle of the watershed, 4K market pattern variables imminent. In this year's World Cup market in Brazil, 4K TV products will shine. Color TV industry observer analysis, sporting events every technical progress, will promote the rapid popularization of related products. Data show that the 2012 London Olympic Games for the first time to achieve 3D live, the period led to 3D TV sales increased by about 35%, creating a 3D TV sales accounted for more than half of the total sales of color TV brilliant performance. This year, the official FIFA public relay signal will be officially enabled 4K transmission, will build the first 4K World Cup, which not only gives fans a clearer and smoother experience, but also in the 4K TV market blowing a strong Dongfeng, is expected to drive the 4K color TV market blowout period. Sales of 4K TVs will grow to 12.7 million this year, with a 6 times-fold increase last year, with huge market potential, according to data released by market Research Institute DisplaySearch. In fact, this year 4K has become a dazzling star in the market, this encounter the World Cup, the strongest partner, is expected to stage a hero story. Industry experts said that the 4K display technology has become more sophisticated, 4K source bottlenecks are also being broken, the price of 4K TV this year than last year is about 30% of the decline. At present, the latest issue of the authority issued the "second generation of ultra High-definition television white paper" for consumers to buy 4K TV provides the basis, is expected to standardize the 4K TV products, promote the development of 4K market. Experts pointed out that the World Cup market in four years, the color TV manufacturers competing to get a piece of the carnival feast, more intense competition, China's color TV brands will eat the largest cake. He said that with foreign-color TV brands to seize market share, domestic brands not only have a foothold in the local resources of the channel advantage, in the technical functions, content services and cost-effective competitive advantage is also very obvious, holding the World Cup to break the biggest market chips. From the technical function, the mature technology and powerful function is the focus of consumer attention, in this regard domestic brands have a strong right of speech. To occupy the 4K large size market of half of the TCL4K TV as an example, it not only has a strong operating platform, can be optimized 4K high-definition display, but also has a mature 2K to 4K technology, improve the effect of the industry's highest 90%, at the same time with professional-level UHD Super high-definition display. Its tv+ game TV E5700, E6700 first used 3M image enhancement Optical film, exclusive equipped with 4K times clear engine and 4K high-speed motion processing technology, to bring users the most clear and smooth viewing experience. It is reported that E5700 and E6700Also with its powerful 4K technology, superior hardware and software configuration and outstanding performance of the most suitable for viewing sports events, Super High-definition TV 10. In the content service level, the true fitting consumer's personalized demand is the key which realizes the product value, among them, the domestic brand uses the intelligent application and the Cross-border Internet rich content slightly wins the foreign brand. Experts pointed out that in many domestic brands, the TCL4K series in the content of services in the outstanding performance is particularly commendable. Its 4ktv+ series not only in the game, video has a large number of high-quality resources, all kinds of home entertainment intelligent applications are everything, creating the most comprehensive and ultimate personalized entertainment experience. In particular, Tcl Cross-border into the field of gaming, the introduction of the first dual-screen integration of professional game platform and series of game products, sweep on the thousands Android game, as well as large-scale professional games globally continued to start, to the fans to send the strongest gospel. tv+ Archie Art TV is the first and domestic top video site Baidu Archie Art exclusive cooperation, the advantages of the chip is very prominent, but also original 4K zone, weekend theater, cloud Appreciation K song, jump bar and other intelligent applications, creatively fitting the consumer's personalized entertainment needs. Based on the cost performance, price is still an important factor affecting the choice of consumers, and domestic brands with an overwhelming price advantage to win over foreign brands. It is reported that when the foreign 55-inch 4K TV is still maintained in million above the high price, the domestic 55-inch 4K TV has broken through the million mark. Among them, TCL55-inch TV price is reduced to 8000~9000 yuan price, slightly smaller 40 inches up and down 4K products have been less than 4000 yuan, creating the industry's highest cost-effective benchmarking. The first half of this year's color TV industry trend continues to slump, the World Cup is expected to become the second half of the industry trend back to slow the important turning point, the color TV manufacturers are also trying to promote the annual sales through the sports events. Experts said that TCL TV products have the most opportunity to highlight their performance in the industry feast to the last laugh, and will take the World Cup market as a springboard, joint its video, games and other aspects of successful Internet transformation attempt, a strong leader in the color TV market, the overall win 2014.
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