World Intellectual Property Day original music show in Xi ' an Qu Jiangmanti square opened the curtain

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[abstract] in order to meet "World Intellectual Property Day" arrival, by the Shaanxi Province Musicians Association, Shanxi-Wen investment group sponsored by the Silk Road original music show will be on April 26 in Xian Qu Jiangmanti Square opened the curtain.

Chinese Business Network news to meet the 15th "World Intellectual Property Day" arrival, fit the theme of "Music for Music" (Get Up,stand up,for music), organized by Shaanxi Musicians Association, Shanxi-Wen Investment Group, Western National Copyright Trading Center, Xi ' an TV drama copyright Trading Center, Shaanxi-Wen Investment group Office, Xi ' an Jiaotong University intellectual Property Research Center and other units of the "Music Copyright: interconnection, standardization, prosperity," The Summit forum and "Mandy attract" Silk Road original music show, will be on April 26 in Xian qu Jiangmanti Square opened.
Music Copyright in the morning: interconnection, standardization, Prosperity "Summit Forum, China and South Korea music field renowned experts and scholars, heavyweight business representatives will be gathered in depth to explore the background of Internet media integration development of music copyright norms operating mechanism, mining the local and Silk Road along the country and regions of the original music, Help Push the Music field copyright standard operation and the original music industry prosperity and development. At the end of the forum, the "Mandy Attraction" Silk Road original music show will be held in Mandy Square that afternoon. "Black Band" "Fan Wei and Cheng original combination" "Ba 0 Years" and other Shaanxi local famous music organizations, will join hands with Xinjiang "extreme overload" Silk Road along the area of the famous Orchestra deduction classic repertoire, vigorous, translucent northwest music and exotic Silk Road music to each other, in the graceful ups and downs of the notes, For the audience present a picture of a melodious, unrestrained warm touching sound and painting, with a wonderful music movement interpretation of different regional culture collision and blending. At the same time, by the Copyright trading Center self-guided self-acting first music copyright minor drama "Xiao Zeng" will be held during the premiere of the event. The play tells the young music in the pursuit of the original music dream of the road on the difficult growth of the spiritual process. From the beginning of the obsession with music, love, to the creation of the bottleneck of depression, hesitation, self-denial, what makes him rekindle the music dream? How cleverly did his girlfriend Xiaomin help him? Viewers can find the answer by watching the little play.
This year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has focused on music rights, and has identified the theme of global intellectual Property Day as "music and activism." According to WIPO's description of the subject, "Get Up,stand Up" is a song created and sung by the Jamaican singer and his weeping band, included in the "Burnin '" album, the lyrics of the song are simple and straightforward, thus causing a lasting resonance and a hymn to the world's power-fighting people. Music does not divide national boundaries. It is the music people around the world with their talent and hard work created by the voice of the soul, again and again touched the hearts of the original beat. In the era of mobile internet, in the face of a huge amount of music resources and multiple access channels, in what way to protect these creators of inspiration and creativity? What will be the operation and protection of music copyright?
in this year's World Intellectual Property Day, Copyright trading Center will be with the music copyright field experts and scholarsTogether with practitioners, the imagination of music in the future, and seek common industrial development, and exclusive to the wonderful music audio-visual feast, with the vast number of music lovers to join Silk Road original music festival, the common Hope and meet the music industry "spring."

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