World renowned Android custom team CM or will work with Oppo to launch Android smartphone

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Absrtact: November 13 News, global well-known Android custom team CM or will jointly launch Android smartphone with Oppo, currently CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik and Oppo deputy general manager Liu has confirmed the relevant news on Weibo. It is known that the custom of the father of the android s

November 13 News, the world-renowned Android customized team CM or will be with Oppo to launch an Android smartphone, the current CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik and Oppo deputy general manager Liu has confirmed the relevant information on Weibo.

It is reported that Steve Kondik, who is known as the father of Android, said today that Oppo, deputy general manager Liu, has "conspired" to do something that could change the Android mobile phone world, creating an Android phone with the best software and top hardware configuration. Liu later confirmed the news on Weibo.

Steve Kondik in early November to accept Tencent Technology interview, but also only said that they have just visited the factory, and Oppo only in the negotiations involving the hardware level of cooperation. Apparently in recent time, Steve Kondik and Oppo have reached a consensus on the details of cooperation.

It is reported that the CyanogenMod OS is the world's first based on Android native depth optimization customization of the OS, including MIUI, Hammer Rom, and other well-known Android ROM are on the CyanogenMod OS based on the two times or the use of some of the code, At the start of Luo's mammoth Hammer ROM conference earlier this year, he paid a high profile tribute to Steve Kondik.

But the CyanogenMod team is not in the commercial footsteps of the lead, in China's millet by mobile phone products to become tens of billions of mobile phone companies, the CM team has been interested and open source of the way. It was not until April this year that Steve Kondik set up Cyanogen Inc in the form of a company and got the first $7.5 million trillion in financing.

Steve Kondik in Samsung before the establishment of the company, before the news that the future CyanogenMod will cooperate with Samsung Deep, but after Steve Kondik to attend this year's September 23 Oppo N1 press conference, it is widely believed that oppo will be the future of CM cooperation target.

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