World Smile Day, in fact, the satisfaction of a smile is as natural as waking up

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In fact, a smile brings the satisfaction of the slightest less than a meal or natural awakening

A child who laughs is not bad luck

Smile is the most beautiful language in the world. Yesterday is the world Smile Day, the evening news reporter took to the street, randomly interviewed the people of different ages found that some people used to give a smile to strangers, but the bad temper left to the closest people around. Why the outside smile such as flower person, return home most will be frosty, who secretly stole should belong to family smile? In fact, the satisfaction of a smile is no less satisfying than a hearty meal or a natural awakening, experts say.

Case 1 To see his wife smile and take her flight specifically

"Today is the World Smile Day, in order to see the wife smile, I booked the wife of this mission flight, the impression that I have not seen the wife's smile for a long time!" Yesterday, the reporter's friend in the micro-letter friend Circle sent a micro-letter, within a few minutes to get the hundreds of micro-friends point Zane evaluation.

Reporter very curious, contacted the post of the micro-friend, he told reporters "complain" said: "I was flying when I know my wife, her smile most let me heart." Just married that will, wife always show me sweet smile, but with her work pressure increase, I almost have little six months did not see her smile. Asked her to ask what, she said that the work has been a rigid smile, go home to think natural point. I do not want to embarrass her, so I came up with a plane to see the wife's smile way! ”

Case 2 The biggest wish is to see Mom smile more

Yesterday noon School time, the reporter in Wuhua District A primary school doorway randomly interviewed more than 10 pupils, nearly the child said that at home is difficult to see the parents smile. A five-year child told reporters: "Today is the world Smile Day, my biggest wish is to see more mother's smile, I also wrote a letter to my mother, ready to go home at night to bring her." ”

The child told the reporter, mother in a bank as the lobby manager. As a result of my father's long-term work abroad, mother not only to work, but also to do housework, but, "Mom, has been almost one weeks did not smile to me, I am very disturbed every day, always worry is not where I provoke you angry, I am not let you sad!" Or did you have a problem? Mom, can you laugh at me more at home? Your smile is very important to me!!!! ”

Expert advice

Want to make the family smile

You have to smile first.

Where's your smile? How to let the family show a sweet smile? In this respect, the reporter interviewed Yunnan Province famous psychology and social experts, Yunnan Institute of Modern Education, deputy Dean Haiyan.

Haiyan says that when a person gets a smile, it must be said. When you need someone to give you a smile, give them your smile first. Smile can change to smile, you give people smile, it is likely to return your smile. But for family members, the smiles of the children, parents, and loved ones who work outside the home are important to them, as are the smiles of the family. Let us not mean to smile, let the smile make our life better!


Do you really smile?

At ordinary times, most of our smiles are issued with chest-type respiration, which is easy to accumulate tense elements in the body and prevent the cheerful emotion from playing. Try abdominal breathing method: ① breath, will tighten the abdomen ② inspiratory, let the gas will belly, chest full, while the brain to fill the picture ③ again, the mouth and even face gradually relaxed. Bring a sense of satisfaction is no less than a meal or natural wake up Oh!

Chun Cheng Evening News trainee reporter Zhu Tian intern Zhang Yi

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