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Today, a netizen came to ask me why he logged on to the Remote Desktop, the Web site on the server is slow to open. Why? I don't know what to ask. I asked him to take a screenshot of the process and the service. He took the screenshot of the process sent to me, I asked him how not to send a screenshot of the service, his answer let me plunge glasses, a server managers incredibly even Control panel------Computer Management-------Services are not aware? He directly to the server's IP account password sent to me.

Novice Webmaster, you should know, no matter how familiar you are on the Internet, do not easily send these things to others. If someone else has something on your server, you're not aware of it! Although Guo Kai will not do that kind of thing, but you need to know how many people in QQ group are ulterior motives, not you talk with him for a few days you know him, he treats you as a brother.

Novice Webmaster, you should know the details of the XP 2003 2008 Windows operating system and want to know something about the registry, and know which key values are what. Use Event Viewer, read the process, understand the computer's services, and prohibit those services that are not necessary to keep your server safe and running.

When the remote connection logs on to the server, the Web site on the above is slow to open? This phenomenon is not seen, even if the Guo Kai management settings for security checks over dozens of servers have never met this situation.

Look at the service process did not find anything suspicious, look at the service items also did not find any improper expenses, IIS running well, this problem has puzzled me all of a sudden. So I ping the website of Baidu on the server, then ping on my computer and then ping the address of the website on his server. I found my computer ping Baidu is 40ms delay, his service is 400ms delay. So the site's access rate is naturally not fast. After a while I repeat just the action, found that the server delay is almost the same as my computer, I am looking at the speed of that site, significantly faster a lot.

That's when I realized that it had nothing to do with remote logins, but when he had a remote login, he just ran into a time when he didn't have the speed. I asked him where the server used the computer room, he replied that I was a friend of the Internet café inside.

And I found out that he installed a single version of the software on the server that prevents ARP attacks. A source of attack was found. It is likely that the resulting ARP attack has slowed down. I immediately ping again, found no change. Focusing on the 10-minute ARP attack, I found that the attack occurred two times in 10 minutes, but it did not affect speed at all. This is even more strange the!arp attack can affect the speed of the problem, but now the attack does not affect the speed.

I looked at this to prevent ARP attack software icon a little different, not so professional formal, and never seen such software. I think there may be something wrong with the software. The software was banned from service, and at this time I found speed up, soon! I asked him where the software came from, he said casually downloaded!

This sentence is let me plunge glasses, the server above the software, casually download the!!! This is not a small thing.

Novice Webmaster, you should know that the security of the server is above all the site's Life-and-death event, how can you download a software on the installation? Configure a service environment in addition to the genuine Windows system, the other almost do not have to spend any money to use the genuine things. If you do not have this security awareness, all your work may be wasted!

Novice Webmaster, you should know as a webmaster to endure loneliness, can sit in front of the computer for more than 10 hours motionless, in addition to pee will not get up and go outside for a walk.

Novice Webmaster, you should know as a webmaster to do everything meticulous professional, even if their ability is not enough to the most formal professional serious attitude to face their own website.

Novice Webmaster, you should know to protect their data security, mailbox, QQ, MSN Leakage can become your Achilles heel. (This one is primarily for domain name security).

Novice Webmaster, you should know how to find the information and answers you want, instead of going to the QQ group inside keep asking questions, to find their Q friends keep asking questions. Google, Baidu, Yahoo and so on search engines are the source of your answer. You do not know that many QQ groups inside the level of people in fact and you, even less than you, you go to ask also get no results, a waste of time. The real master has no time in the QQ group wandering around to see your problem for you to answer.

Novice Webmaster, you should know how to accumulate their knowledge, some things are easy to forget, when you know why not make a note? Open a notepad and write down the key knowledge you've just learned, or start a blog like Guo Kai. You can share your knowledge with your friends, or you can set your own information as a private, when you need to read it, will not waste so much time.

The above is purely Guo Kai personal point of view, there are many want to say, because too slow, a little bit. If you encounter any problems that cannot be solved, time is more urgent, you can contact Guo Kai. Maybe I can give you some advice or help you with this problem.

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