WTO criticizes China's export restrictions experts accuse Europe and America of carping

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June 1 Morning News, the World Trade Organization published a report criticizing China's export restrictions. In this regard, domestic experts believe that China's policy to restrict exports in line with China's resource Protection Law and WTO regulations, other countries have no reason to be picky.  The name of the WTO issued a report, in fact, only to listen to the European and American stakeholders in demand.  According to a report today, the World Trade Organization said in its two annual China trade policy Review that China's large restrictions on its exports are more distorting global trade than theoretically protecting the environment and balancing domestic trade. Liang Yanfen, director of the World Economic and Trade Research Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the WTO's China Trade policy evaluation report does not mean the opening of trade dispute mechanism, but only reflects the interests of some countries in Europe and America, and is not legally binding.  China's policy of restricting exports is based solely on the need for environmental protection and resource protection, and is consistent with China's resource protection law and WTO rules, and other countries have no reason to be picky. Liang Yanfen said that most of the U.S. oil and other mineral resources are not developed, rely on imports to meet the needs of the relevant industries, we hope that the United States to consider their own interests at the same time to consider other countries are facing the same environmental protection needs.  China has no need to heed such a conventional trade policy assessment report. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce's International trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute Dean Ho Jianguo that China's restrictions on export-resource products have a long-standing accusation. But China's approach does not violate WTO rules. "WTO regulations clearly state that Member States have the right to restrict and protect their exports when faced with problems such as environmental protection and resource depletion." He pointed out that China has not stopped the export of related products in a comprehensive way, which is in line with the actual situation of China's trade management. and the strengthening of the management of some resources is irreproachable. The United States has not been blamed for its High-tech products to protect its core technology losses and national security, but the report, issued by the WTO, has only listened to the needs of European and American stakeholders. (Snow ting from Beijing)
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