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Please don't ask me, "handle." This venture rejects VC

This venture, Wu said, I do not accept VC.

On the evening of Wednesday, after a series of contacts, Wu finally sent me letters, inviting me to have a potluck lunch the next day.

The location of the meal is set at the Phoenix Commercial Street café of Sanyuan Bridge. Here, from the famous Southern press Beijing office is very close to the handle network is also very near, set in this position, in fact, a little unexpected.

Because, Wupobing entrepreneurial office in Wangjing, it is said to be closer to his home, and handle, for now Wu, seems to be just a symbol.

The agreed 12-point meal, I arrived 11:30, did not think before me, Wu has been seated. This is not a one-on-one conversation. Wu side, also sit a gentle wind-induced woman assistant, I sit next to another male journalist, below, I will ignore him.

I began to ask questions after we had served the dishes. Before I ask a question, the male reporter next to me asks a lot, I endure for a long time. I don't know exactly what he's asking.

And let me particularly eye-catching is, Wu said, this venture, we do not accept any VC investment.

Do not accept VC? Yes, I heard it right.

But now Wu refused to VC. Wu reason is, 1, with Ma Yun do "Small and beautiful", because "small and beautiful", just http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/32741.html "> Happiness index High, do not consider for the scale to consider; 2, Successful retail does not need VC, a shop does not make money, take VC money can make money? Seabed fishing need VC Mody? Wu asked.

The handle is very good, please don't ask me any questions about the handle, please, please @¥!#¥¥%% ... Wu said.

Do not talk about handle nets grudge business to "big" interest

Resigned from the handle net CEO nearly a year of Wu, to "the United States and Canada le" founder of the identity back to the public view, but as in the past low-key year, Wu and do not want to talk about and handle the enmity, as well as group buying industry, just with a "all the decisions I have 200% agree" to express his and investors friendly relationship.

"I have done this to the extent that I am not interested in small businesses." My point is that to solve a big problem to become a big company, the small problem is small companies, big is challenging, I choose the big, my dream is to become China's Zara and H&m. "Wu said.

At present, the United States and Gatorade team, there is no traditional supply chain channel people. Wu that the spring breeze that can really bring to the industry or outsiders, only "new internet talent will make a change", such as the success of the mobile phone is Apple rather than Nokia.

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