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Now as the core of E-commerce network marketing, set off a new climax of the site construction, the past most of the corporate site is focused on the display, marketing is not strong, and today's enterprise construction site is more concerned about marketing, marketing-oriented web site can better for the enterprise to create greater benefits. According to the Network Marketing Institute statistical analysis, marketing-oriented web site The most obvious reference standard has the following 10.

A convenient and easy to maintain website content management System

The enterprise website has experienced the HTML pure static page, the dynamic ASP page, the former one is advantageous to the optimization, but is not advantageous to the maintenance, after one facilitates the maintenance, but is not advantageous to the optimization. Now you need a dynamic background that can be manipulated, and the foreground can generate static HTML. Convenient and easy to manage the website system, can reduce the maintenance cost of the enterprise, increase the website content Maintenance fast.

Second, friendly user experience

The first emphasis is marketing-oriented website is the purpose of marketing site, should use div and CSS architecture, reduce the speed of the page open, clear navigation, there is no dead link between the pages have good links.

Third, good search engine performance

Search engine as an important method of website promotion, in the construction of enterprise website to consider whether the search engine has a good performance, each page should have a corresponding title, keyword, description.

Iv. Intact Content Support

For marketing-oriented sites, to have a good site content, can better promote customer understanding of products or services, customer common problem solving, these content can be higher efficiency.

V. Strong online communication function

For marketing-type sites, to take advantage of network interaction, better for marketing services, online QQ, online customer service, online message answering.

Vi. Perfect Website Monitoring

As a marketing site, perfect site monitoring, the source of the site, customer information for detailed statistics is particularly important, so you can track the direction of the customer, for the enterprise's website effect statistics, can also be used in the later site to further improve and adjust.

Seven, a higher degree of customer trust

For corporate websites, to improve their credibility, such as the relevant documents and certificates, relevant media reports, business addresses and products such as real pictures, as well as the previous user's case, should be placed on the website, customers on the website consumption, trust your website to be possible to consume.

Eight, detailed contact information

For marketing-type sites, there should be a detailed contact information, address map, easy to contact customers and find enterprises.

Ix. online payment and purchase functions

Online payment and purchase, this will better facilitate the website marketing, better promote customer consumption, if the site is not convenient to operate, you can use the Third-party platform.

Ten, perfect website marketing process

For the website marketing process, need the detailed introduction and the explanation, facilitates the customer to operate or on-line completes the marketing.

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