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May 5-6th, the Great Wall will host Gmic Beijing 2014 held in Beijing National Convention Center, more than 300 mobile internet leaders and innovators from around the world, with more than 15,000 attendees from all over the globe to feast together to witness the new splendor of mobile internet. With several keynote speeches, roundtable forums and high-end interviews at the summit (the main venue), close to hundreds of industry leaders gathered to explore the development and future of mobile internet.

CMGE China Tour CEO Xiaojian was invited to attend the summit and publish the "mobile game Globalization: Quality and quantity of the leap" keynote speech. Xiaojian in his speech that the past two years have confirmed 6 key mobile game market trends, that smartphones and tablets will gradually replace the handheld entertainment equipment; Android is the main force of mobile game market development; The application purchase mode gradually replaces the download payment mode; The deep hand-play home market will become dominant, but the hand-paid players have a low penetration rate; The worldwide penetration and coverage of APP store and Google Play has helped a lot of hand travel quickly out of the local world, benefiting from overseas offerings;

Xiaojian that: The globalization of mobile games brings the development of quality and quantity of mobile game industry, which brings about "quality" and "Quantity" change. "Quality" change is mainly embodied in 7 aspects of culture, products, technology, payment, distribution, intellectual property and industrial environment. and "Quantity" change mainly manifests in the income scale, the user scale rise greatly. The "volume" change also manifests itself in a faster global integration and penetration rate based on the culture of hand travel, will create a larger market for hand users; the globalisation of mobile games is faster, creating unprecedented opportunities for mobile game developers; China will be the world's largest mobile gaming market in the next two years; under global competition, Monthly water to reach 10 million U.S. dollars scale can be counted as a first-line product.

In the end, Xiaojian introduced the "Introduction to" and "going out" strategy of China's hand tour based on globalization.


(Cmge China Tour CEO Xiaojian in gmic Beijing 2014 Leaders Summit)

Following is a transcript of Xiaojian's speech at the Gmic Summit:

The globalization of mobile games: the leap of quality and quantity

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, everyone! I am from cmge Chinese hand tour Xiaojian, today is very happy to be able to exchange and share with you in the Gmic conference. Today I bring you the theme of "mobile game Globalization: Quality and quantity of the leap."

Over the past 2 years, 6 key mobile game market trends have been confirmed:

1, with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, players in mobile games spend and time significantly improved, smartphones and tablets will gradually replace the handheld entertainment equipment.

2, Android is the main force of mobile game market development. In 2013, global smartphone shipments were up to 990 million, up 41% from the previous year, and Android grabbed 79% per cent of the market, with smartphone users expected to reach 420 million by the end of the year.

3, the application of the purchase mode is gradually replacing the download payment mode. In China, for example, downloading a pay model is basically hard to earn.

4, the deep hand play the market will become the leading, but the hand tour pays the user to relate the penetration rate to be low. In China, for example, according to the data I have learned from the domestic first hand distribution platform, less than 3% of the paid users hold up the current income of the entire hand market, and top 50 of the head game contributes 80% of the revenue. In the end of the market, the cumulative proportion of paid users can reach 20%, due to the time of hand travel fragmentation, the cumulative proportion of paid users should have the opportunity to reach more than 8%, that is, in the next one or three years, the hand travel market at least 2~3 times the rapid growth.

5, the APP store and Google Play in the global penetration rate and coverage, help a lot of hand travel quickly out of the local, through overseas distribution benefits.

6. Globalization. The strength of distributors through the establishment and development of overseas distribution channels, set up a global brand image, developers through the global distribution of the product's overall revenue to achieve rapid increase.

So what are the "qualitative changes" in the industry brought about by the globalization of mobile games?

1. Cultural

(1) Although peoples economic, habits and other aspects of the differences, but based on the culture of the global integration and penetration of the pace of travel faster than the end of the tour and page tour is very much, the future mobile game market is a global market, is the game industry in the world's most blurred, the fastest market information flow;

(2) The rapid development of mobile games makes the cultural industries such as film and television, animation and network novels acquire diversified, fast and effective means of transformation. At the same time, the globalization of mobile games has enabled these content to spread rapidly around the world, thus affecting more people and building up greater and stronger brand influence.

2, Product

(1) China's mobile games in the rise than in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea early, it can be said that China's mobile phone games companies grasp this wave of high-speed growth in the market opportunities. Although foreign developers in the mobile phone games market started late, but regardless of technology, play and fine arts and other aspects are very deep precipitation. In the experience of mobile phone games high-speed development, has begun to vigorously layout. In the second half of the year, a large number of excellent medium and heavy games will be poured from overseas to China, especially from the Japanese and Korean market excellent products, China will become Japan and South Korea's most important game exporter.

(2) In China, the hand game market has appeared imbalance in supply and demand, the number of players is limited, and the game together online. With the domestic hand travel company competition between the white-hot, coupled with a large number of excellent overseas games into China, product quality promotion will be "speed" to describe, there is no strong development strength and service capabilities, in the future it is difficult to foothold in the hand tour market.

It can be said that mobile game globalization under the new round of product "qualitative change" caused by the industry reshuffle will be more intense, even if there is a demographic dividend, but pay players have become very picky, low quality and plagiarism products will be completely eliminated in the second half of the market, competition is extremely brutal.

3. Technical

(1) Currently in the field of mobile gaming, the dominant game engine is Cocos 2d-x, Unity 3D, Flash AIR, unreal, etc. The rapid growth of mobile gaming worldwide has enabled these game engines to be widely used, both to meet the needs of developers and to address increasingly demanding players, as well as to upgrade hardware vendors ' products and technologies. Engine-level fighting will further promote the development of hand-travel products and the rapid improvement of user experience.

(2) A large number of powerful game enterprises to increase investment in overseas market game enterprises, both to obtain the game copyright, but also access to these outstanding enterprises have the core game development technology. So that these core technologies are more Dahua application.

4. Payment

The globalization of mobile games will promote the development of payment tools in countries and regions around the world, and there will be more and more convenient ways of payment. The upgrading and development of payment tools will lead to faster development of global mobile games. For example, China's operators to pay the optimal development, China's stand-alone and weak networking games have exploded, the recent micro-letter payments will open hand access, including traditional banks, but also may be based on the player's credit card, such as the opening of virtual credit cards, which will further promote the rapid growth of the hand tour.

5. Distribution

(1) The initial development of hand tour, domestic and foreign research and development of the main force is placed in stand-alone games and light social games. Because the cultural differences between single and light social games are minimal, they have become a pioneer in the globalization of mobile games. And through the App Store and Google Play, a lot of hand travel quickly out of the local, through overseas distribution benefits. For example, "Angry Birds", "Fruit Ninja", "Plants vs Zombies" and "The Temple Escape", they all have great success in the world.

(2) China's hand travel market before the rise, the European and American markets are most active, so domestic hand tour products have entered Europe and America. From the current European and American markets more successful from a few games from the domestic, such as Nibiru launched the "Galactic Empire", "The Spartan War", the Rock launched the "World War II", in fact, their success, but also the game theme in the market success.

(3) With the domestic Hand tour market competition white-hot, through the establishment and development of overseas distribution channels, the powerful distributors have established the image of global brands and participated in the distribution competition of local countries and regions, while the developers have promoted the overall revenue of the products through global distribution.

It can be said that the global distribution of mobile games is gradually deepening, and the global competition in the mobile game market has come!

6. Intellectual Property

The globalization of mobile games has enabled many well-known classic games and world-renowned IP to rejuvenate worldwide. The current way to protect intellectual property rights and to combat piracy is to rely on the legal support system of copyright owners, such as Disney has a strong global intellectual property retention support system, or by working with local distributors to conduct IPR protection by local distributors. For example, the recent Jin Yong martial arts novels and the East of Japan's "Saints" game of the rights. Many foreign gaming companies and IP owners have been very concerned about China's efforts in IPR protection, and now partners can choose to work with China's powerful distributors to effectively and vigorously protect intellectual property. In addition, I would like to tell you that China has launched an unprecedented "net action", the clean-up and crackdown on piracy is a very important part of it, we have seen the government's determination, which will strongly protect the healthy development of creative industries.

7. Industrial environment

(1) For small and medium-sized developers of the industrial environment, hand tour can not become a few major companies in the competition, only small and medium-sized enterprises to grow, the market size can be expanded. We need to create a good market ecological environment and investment environment for these small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the development of gaming industry.

(2) At present, the investment and financing of game research and development and channel are very active in the world. In addition, because mobile games make other content creative industries get very effective and large-scale means of transformation, it also led to film, animation and network novel content industry development. At present, the major game companies and funds have to invest in these content industry's leading enterprises.

Let's talk about what the "quantitative change" of mobile game globalization brings to the industry.

1. Through the chart, the global mobile gaming user scale has risen sharply, with 500 million in 2012 and 1 billion in 2013, and more than 1.5 billion in 2014. This is the user's quantitative change.

2, the global mobile game revenue scale jumped, 2012 is 9 billion U.S. dollars, 2013 is 19 billion dollars, 2014 is 26 billion U.S. dollars, 2015 is 35 billion U.S. dollars, 2016 46 billion U.S. dollars, 2017 60 billion U.S. dollars. It's a quantitative change in income.

3, hand Tour culture of the global integration and penetration speed than from the end of the tour and page tour is very much faster, this will create a greater market for hand users! This will increase the number of users.

4, the end of the tour and the age of the competition is more just domestic competition, and hand tour will quickly enter the global competition. Increased the quantitative change of competitors.

5, 2013, a single game in the domestic 10 million yuan monthly water is a very good product, now 30 million yuan of water only have the opportunity to enter the first line of products. and global competition, the monthly water to reach 10 million U.S. dollars can be counted as a first-line products, but also the size of the game revenue to achieve several times the growth. This is the product of the monthly flow of quantitative.

6, we can learn from some industry data, the 2013 Japan Intelligent Hand Tour market scale reached 5.35 billion U.S. dollars, is the world's largest hand tour market, 2014 Japan's smart hand market market will reach 6.44 billion U.S. dollars. China will become the world's largest mobile gaming market in the next two years, according to the current trend of 200% per cent annual growth in China's hand-travel market. This is a quantitative change in the size of the Chinese market.

Mobile game globalization, bringing the quality and quantity of mobile games across the development, we have always said that the development of hand-travel industry is only the initial stage, but the hand-travel industry is experiencing high-speed iterations, this iteration will enable the hand-travel industry from the baby leap into adulthood!

Finally, I would like to say a cmge Chinese hand tour in the end of 2013 to develop and implement the "Introduction to" and "go out" strategy.

"Introduction to" strategy:

Reference CMGE China as the first hand tour distributor, with experienced and successful localization product modification ability;

(2) with a strong operating system, whether in data mining, fine operation, 72-hour customer service and strong GS, etc.

(3) Three-dimensional marketing capabilities. Whether 2 B, 2 C, online or offline, cross-border marketing, entertainment marketing, such as three-dimensional marketing capabilities;

(4) with a rapid and extensive coverage of the distribution capacity;

Our successful cooperation cases have "small yellow people run fast", "Eternal Warrior", "BFB" and so on.

"Going Out" strategy:

(1) In-depth localized distribution. CMGE Chinese Hand Tour has been in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand have a localized distribution team, is scheduled to open in June this year, the United States branch for the U.S. and Europe regional distribution, through continuous attempts and experience accumulation, in the local selection of the most effective channels, with the lowest cost, do the most effective promotion, get the best benefits.

(2) Because of the localization of the distribution team, we have different countries and regions of the user preferences of the product selection ability;

(3) We establish a close and effective communication system with the research and development team to quickly adapt to the local players ' demand for product function and operation.

Our successful cooperation case has "matchless Three Kingdoms", "Monster Island" and so on.

CMGE China Hand Tour has established a highly competitive global distribution and operation system, is looking for the world's top games, ideas and technology, is willing to work with global partners to win the global mobile game market! Mobile game Globalization, the next 5 billion, Cmge Chinese hand game is ready!

Thank you!

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