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When cloud computing is a fog in the eyes of the masses, to give users a clear, simple cloud definition, Xtools unveiled the "most popular cloud", explaining the subtle link between SaaS and the cloud, and combining the release of a greener and greener it solution generated by cloud computing effects. Before this, a lot of SaaS once attracted many enterprises to carve out the market, such as Ufida, the network, Alibaba, etc., but SaaS for professional technical requirements, and to have enough energy and mental input research, 2010 China's largest network market trading platform Alibaba announced the abandonment of SaaS, means that the road to development is not smooth. Xtools in order to enhance the software service lights and other aspects of the upgrade, bold development of cloud computing development and application. Although can not accurately foresee the future development of cloud technology shape, but has been able to confirm the spread of cloud computing after the software application faster, lower prices, more security and stable social positive energy.

Over the past seven years, Xtools has established several service centers throughout China with its strong competitiveness to promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the concept has always adhered to the enterprise ideas, personnel, management tools to integrate the program to adjust the small and medium-sized enterprises in the growing process of common problems, such as "puffiness" "Anemia" "hyperactivity" "blind busy" and so on. Whether from the cooperative effect or from the quality of cooperation has won the good reputation of many enterprises, in the third party assistance-oriented enterprises unique.

In order to truly implement the cloud technology to a small group of individuals, Xtools for personal cloud services launched the industry's first gun, put forward the Trinity Cloud tide of the new scheme, completely in accordance with the specific requirements of specific customers, the first to launch a set of practical and safe CRM Personal cloud service-xtools customer treasure. User Wang smiled and replied, "Since the use of customer treasure, never left a do not, not only to remind matters, more often than a reminder of laziness." It's lucky and exciting to be able to get ahead of a technology addiction. "Customer treasure a large number of applications including tasks to do, schedule, sales opportunity Tracking, bulk SMS, on the one hand, greatly improve the efficiency of users and the probability of signing, on the other hand, to maintain customer relations and communication links are more worry, simpler and more intuitive, to provide users with a first-class application experience.

When all the leading enterprises at home and abroad are eager to cloud technology, flocking, Xtools has accumulated in the field of cloud computing and precipitation of a wealth of knowledge and experience. With full confidence, with unlimited enthusiasm, put forward the X cloud plan, want to play all over the world. The blueprint of the plan, combined with the specific state of the Chinese Internet at that time, delicately divided into three major strategies. In life, often contact with information equipment, such as mobile phone, e-commerce, contacts and so on the network form of cloud management, known as the business cloud. The cloud itself is diverse and inclusive, xtools its specific cloud services into each other's cloud service system, to establish a full range of multi-functional cloud system, fast, convenient and flexible, also known as the fusion cloud, regardless of enterprise or individual, enterprise size or large or small, can provide a complete match with the personality scheme, Let Cloud technology meet the special requirements of various groups, this is the future development of the cloud cone, called Cloud Conquer. Through the business cloud, the fusion cloud, the cloud conquer the plan call, has brought the new vigor for the cloud ecology. Also through a complete cloud service system, so that users have the necessary cloud experience, to help enterprises in the competition through the cloud technology to reduce costs to win higher returns, so that more small and medium-sized enterprises in China to the cloud computing technology after Chine, new.

The future of China, will face a strong cloud computing storm attack, in the it in various areas of diversion will be gradually used and rely on. Bill Gates said: "In the future as long as 5 computers can be" for the job more and more intelligent, more and more simple to live in modern urban people, cloud computing abandon the traditional "local" "hard" and other old words of the new concept, will be more in line with the needs and social development trend. China is constantly sprouting the development of cloud computing it enterprises, they are with the foresight and enthusiasm of the spirit of the development of cloud computing, and Xtools, the leader of the green development of China's enterprises, in the cloud computing reform has shown a high degree of enthusiasm and dedication. Further excavation of China's cloud potential, to keep pace with the development of the world, the cloud to the next peak of application, Xtools is bound to the development of China's cloud computing will open a spacious road.

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