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In September 115.html ">26 Day of China's first domain name Value forum, GZ." COM founder Xu Yang and the presence of friends to share his domain name investment experience, but also talked about the development of domain name docking key, following this part of the content:

I would like to say is extended by the domain name, the value of the domain to promote a large business, domain name docking.

The original purpose of our domain name is to establish the site, and now we can put those who do not establish a site to do domain name docking.

The domain name stops roughly divides into: ① construction ② Simple welcome page ③ Domain name sells ④ to point ⑤ commercial advertisement

Obviously, the first four kinds of can not directly bring benefits, and when the docking of the page plus commercial ads, he can give the domain name to all people income. So now everyone is talking about the domain name docking is a commercial domain name docking.

Foreign reports say the market for domain name docking in 2007 is expected to earn more than 1 billion dollars. In China, the subdivision industry has just started, many people from the concept can not understand and accept the "Domain name docking" This new business model, and many practitioners can not be very good to restrain themselves to adhere to the industry rules.

For this necessary development stage, I would like to combine our dnparking.com, to briefly discuss my views.

One, the technology drive brings benefit maximization

Customers need to find a product, such as the need to buy a performance ticket, he may be directly into the piaowu.com to search for the ticket information he needs, this time you need to display a docked page for ticket-related information to attract this user's attention, resulting in purchase behavior, resulting in docking revenue. Of course, such a domain name, the system is better to distinguish, but when a large variety of domain names need technology to drive the time, the understanding of the domain name, the user experience optimization, the system load is very challenging work.

Second, the domain name docking should avoid search engine optimization (SEO)

I personally think that in addition to those in-depth development, can bring a good user experience of high-quality domain name, most of the docking domain name should avoid SEO.

There is an investor told me that he has some high value domain name, in a park where the domain name docking, the result was then search engine blocked, now docked income of only hundreds of yuan a year, there is no buyer willing to buy. Obviously, it's not worth the candle! Dnparking docking domain name, we are from the technology and protocol to avoid SEO, although may lose a little revenue, but this will let search engines have a better user experience, will also protect to the docking domain name. This is the long-term plan.

Third, the need for a strong anti-cheating system

Trust to participate in the domain name Park friends are very clear, last year, in addition to our dnparking outside some of the park is the advertising provider terminated the contract, parking the user's income also played water drift. The reason is simple: cheating! Cheating, for the entire park industry is undoubtedly disastrous. Some of the domestic park operators will be planted in the "cheating" on, no matter is the business thought mischief, too much attention to short-term interests, another important reason is the anti-cheating technology is not strong enough.

Using a famous quote from the investment community, we are greedy, but we are long term greedy. We are "greedy" and have "desires", but our "greed" and "desire" should focus on the future, focusing on long-term interests.

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