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In the medical industry for a period of time, the promotion of more or less understand, the health of the weeks of the competition are very fierce, in the promotion of the time, all kinds of tricks to achieve the ultimate, you can spell the others, by optimization alone, the effect is very slow. Whether it is offline or online, is to vigorously promote, can promote the brand of hospitals, but also to bring effective patients.

Online promotion methods We are familiar with the promotion of the site with us a truth, the following details:

1, Baidu Bidding, this is essential, at present every medical site has been doing, you do not have the means to compete with others, Baidu bidding is currently the most direct, most effective, the fastest generation of benefits platform.

2, Baidu Alliance Advertising, a multi-station display of marketing methods, can win multi-directional display effect, access to traffic and can produce a small number of effective customers, to fight the brand is also a greater help.

3, Baidu's own products, we all know that the weight of Baidu products are very high, the use of good can also bring a large number of potential customers, such as Baidu know, Baidu Library and so on. The key point is the choice of keywords, you can use the Region + disease treatment information, such as: Quanzhou where to treat rhinitis, Quanzhou, the best hospital is to treat rhinitis or from XXX Road to XXX hospital to go, what several road car and so on keywords, because the hospital is mostly targeted at local patients, So choose the keyword this form is the best.

A while ago, I use Baidu Library to do the region rankings, the first ranking of all regions occupied, that feeling super cool, and then do not know is the competitor to report, or Baidu manual operation, all the documents passed into the pass, the account is also abolished, a little tragedy.

4, optimize the promotion, do the medical profession relatively, the effect is relatively slow, because the competition is too intense, plus the medical profession article original degree is very low, difficult to get good rankings. Optimization of the time, suitable for a large number of long tail words, disease symptoms words are difficult to get ranked, in front of are some of the big portals, we can not compete with them, is generally to take regional words, such as: Quanzhou ear nose and throat network form to do, relatively easy.

5, local platform, can choose the local large portal or local high popularity forum to put ads, is the only way to brand marketing, can also bring effective customers, to a case to let everyone see.


6, other means, such as blog marketing, write some patients to cure cases, the establishment of the blog to join the local blog circle, write a number of soft text to promote, but also can bring a small number of potential customers. can also be with the classification information platform, such as 58 with the city, net, a long time information network platform, search engine friendly site to promote, if you do not want to spend money, the use of artificial form to do a lot of long tail, is also a lot of medical practitioners are keen to do.

On the line said above these 6 points, the line also has many kinds, says oneself to know:

(1) magazine promotion, this is the most basic method of promotion, now every hospital is doing, we usually walk outside when, more or less have received medical brochures, the promotion of the brand is particularly effective.

(2) News newspaper propaganda, news newspaper category, in people's mind can say is very authoritative, also very approve of a kind of promotion means, if you have often read the habit of newspaper, otherwise find a lot of local hospital advertise above, the effect is obvious. Of course, the cost is also very high, a small section will be thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars of input.

(3) The production of small articles of life, such as now summer, we can go to make some fans, brochures, cards and so on, the fan printed on our hospital information and contact, and then free to go out, under normal circumstances, others will not lose the fan, which is a good way to promote, as long as the fan in the information has been, Why not?

(4) Outdoor billboards, bus promotion, internet cafes and other places, this is believed that we should also often see, such as a crossroad on the wall can often see other people do advertising, or in the bus seat, handle, etc. can be seen. Cooperation with internet cafes can be set up in the computer desktop information on our hospital, and set the time, concise, generous point on it, this form of promotion seems to be relatively rare.

Generally speaking, the way to promote a variety of, as for you to take what kind of promotion, see your input how much to calculate, pay attention to brand-building hospitals should do a lot of online under the promotion. If not very pay attention to brand building, you can in Baidu bidding on the idea, because Baidu brought customers are very accurate.

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