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Absrtact: Our children's shoes, we as a member of the Yahoo North Research, whether it is technology or ability, are the industry outstanding. At this time, the package is not controlled by you. Don't worry about the next job where, with your ability, completely

Children's shoes, we as a member of the Yahoo North Research, whether the technology or ability, are outstanding in the industry. At this time, the package is not controlled by you. No need to worry about where the next job is, with your abilities, there's no need to worry about finding a job.

On this occasion, rather than worry about the above things, I would like to relax and look back at the harvest of their own research in the north. What you have learned and what skills you have accumulated. Then look around, don't jump to conclusions, do not casually agree to offer.

And the most important thing is to think about your life goals and set the current core values. The goal is to be wealthy overnight? Economic stability to raise children, to foreign tactile? Core Value optimization? Money? Skills? Life? Time is plenty, the opportunity to fly all over the sky, want to clear these, eliminate noise, make the most advantageous choice. Like some children's shoes say, this is the opportunity of the machine, not the crisis of the machine.

Allow me to quote directly from the "How do I look at Yahoo announcing the closure of the Beijing Research and Development Center?" In this question, an anonymous classmate posted his former team leader's feelings, basically the article I want to express, in a more emotional way to express better.

Yahoo Beijing Research and Development Center although closed, but I particularly agree with the anonymous classmate's answer, for the lack of offers to Yahoo students, this incident gives you a chance to stop to reflect on the past and consider the future.

Coincidentally, our reception is also called "Choice and Future". But to tell the truth, and Yahoo students to talk about the choice is very disturbed. I believe that these two days you have been major companies, the major recruitment sites have been bombarded with more than n back and forth, hands have also been a lot of the heart wishful offer, there is no lack of choice.

Since there is no shortage of options, let's talk about something else. I don't know if you're still willing to go to a big company for a long time in a big company like Yahoo, or if you've ever had the idea of starting a business, but it's fleeting, even if you've always had a heart that wants to start a business.

I don't know what it's like to start a business, but I'm sure it's a whole different kind of life for you to be a big company for a long time. Peter Thiel's definition of an entrepreneur is to convince a handful of the most awesome people to work with you to create a completely different future, where the future is not limited by time, it's really about changing the world.

Anyway, it's a special welcome. Let's have a drink and have some wine to talk with. Or that sentence, do you need an offer or a life experience you never experienced?

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