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According to Seekingalpha's report, Yahoo launched the day of the political news blog The Upshot, began to pay serious attention to the news. The department consists of six authors and two editors, including content related to original reports, comments, links, and authorized news pictures.

Unlike Yahoo News, the rest of the story is a simple collection of news lines or articles from other news departments, the Upshot's effort is to provide Yahoo with a brand and a lot of voices around political, ethnic and media news.

Yahoo is stepping up its original news business, competing with companies like AOL. Last May, Yahoo bought associated content and strengthened its platform. They are also hiring their own journalists to report extensively on sports, finance and news content.

The Upshot blog and other similar departments have added personalized color to Yahoo news, without relying entirely on expensive, time-consuming, original reports. Editors and authors can also add links to other news stories and their own comments, which, like most professional blogs, are a good way to improve output. In addition, the upshot is further, and editors and authors will use search data to pick news.

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