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Yangfan for a long time not in Chuang billion website planning Agency blog Talk about SEO technology related topics, there is a want to write the idea of this article is yesterday, a Chongqing boss to Yangfan call is through the introduction of friends, want to let Yangfan to his site to do SEO, to tell the truth Yangfan recently in the website for the Enterprise planning, Website operation and so on for a long time did not work with the Customer SEO special cooperation.

So the Chongqing mister his demand is just to rank the keyword in 1th place, what other requirements are not, Yangfan open his website, roughly read, the user experience is very poor, user guidance is very weak, so yangfan to him to carry out the site inside the planning, but the other side is not very agreeable, think as long as do ranked sales OK, But eventually Yangfan still did not take this project, because create billion site planning must be responsible for the customer!

This mister is engaged in the traditional industry, but also represents the vast number of corporate web site to be SEO needs, but also a part of the seoer with the same idea, that the goal of SEO is ranked first, then today Yangfan tell you: "SEO goal is to sell!"

Yangfan has been advocating SEO must be integrated into the concept of planning, also known as "SEO planning", the real SEO is divided into two steps: The first step is to choose the right keywords to optimize the rankings; the second step is to follow the Web page corresponding to the keyword user-led analysis, which is what we usually say to enhance the user conversion rate.

Website guidance is more important than ranking number one! Why? Because the Internet users are more intelligent and flexible than the traditional market users, the traditional shopping mall users are around, and the Internet users are more than 10 goods and more, users will not lock to buy the first list of websites, Search engine results are the first page in order to open the relative comparison, then ranked on the sale of no effect, spelling is the internal user experience and user guidance!

Article Source: Yangfan blog http://www.ccyw.com

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