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2017, how much content did you share in the Gathering chat? How many topics have you contributed? How much has it gained? Community gatherings can not only ask technical questions, discuss hot topics, but also gossip about daily life and share the bits and pieces of the farmers.

The world of programmers is not just the code at hand, but also poetry and distance! They will also pay attention to whether they are well dressed, and they will also care about the salary of the face. So, how do they chat with a special group of programmers in the society? Let's find out in the 2017 collection of boutique topics.

Top 20 hot topics in Yunqi Community 2017

What skill trees do you need to light up as a qualified JAVA programmer?

The recruitment statistics of 450 companies are relatively true. Although the Struts2 vulnerability is frequent, most of the legacy projects of the government, banks and traditional enterprises still use Struts2, so they still have a certain market. Emerging Internet companies, in general, the Spring family is mostly.

From the old beauty "Spring Festival Evening" live broadcast frequently, talk about the difficulties and solutions of the tens of millions of online live broadcast technology

The annual "Super Bowl" is a time-honored time in the United States. Several live broadcast sites in the United States are not flattering, and frequent network disconnection accidents have made the audience extremely embarrassed. For example, the broadband of the service provider Comcast was suspended for 40 minutes. The US FOX APP also allows viewers to listen to Spanish because of server downtime. Comcast said in an official statement that the reason for the disconnection was that a line in Washington was on fire. So, what kind of technical difficulties will be encountered in the construction and operation of live broadcasts, or video applications and websites? How to solve it more effectively?

Everyone! How much did the double eleven contribute? The huge data processing behind the 168.2 billion is achieved!

This year, the sales of Tmall Double Eleven finally settled at RMB 168.2 billion. Among them, mobile accounted for 90%, and merchants and users covered 222 countries and regions. The Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival just opened 5 minutes and 22 seconds, the new payment peak was born: 256,000 pens / second, an increase of 1.1 times over last year, once again set a global record. Also at the same time was the database processing peak, 42 million times / sec. So what happens to the smooth operation of the server so that we can buy and buy happily?

Luhan Guan Xiaoyu announced that the love microblogging server has exploded, how to open thousands of servers in seconds?

One is the traffic force, and the other is the popular national niece. Together, the microblogging show loves for a time and causes the whole people to boil. Due to the excessive traffic, Sina's servers are overwhelmed, and many areas have been inaccessible. Sina Weibo CEO trumpet came and went to Weibo to answer the problem of solving the server problem. The response said that 1000 servers have been added to cope with traffic spikes, ensuring that netizens can access Weibo. Have you encountered a similar emergency on the website or business you maintain? How to deal with it?

Java developers, the pits we walked together in those years

Good specifications can avoid some pits to a certain extent. However, in actual development, the quality of the written code is also different due to the different levels of developers. We write Java programs every day, maybe we are more for the results, but there are still a lot of things to pay attention to in the process of writing code.

The grand prize is announced! Slow SQL can be optimized to this speed, speed onlookers!

Ali Cloud Database Challenge - Challenge Xuanzang's slow SQL performance optimization game, the challenger needs to optimize the slow SQL provided by the organizing committee in the specified database environment. The challenge of the best results, not only can take cool mechanical keyboard, but also want to invite you to drink tea!

How do ordinary programmers get started with AI under the wave of artificial intelligence?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is currently the hottest industry in the entire Internet field. With AlphaGo defeating the World Go Championship and various unmanned, smart home projects, people have realized that AI is the next vent. Of course, programmers are the most sensitive people I have ever seen for new technologies. There are two reasons. One is that this bowl of rice will force you to keep learning, or you will be eliminated soon. The second is the program. Most of the members are science and engineering men, and they are curious about new things. Are you optimistic about artificial intelligence? Do you want to get started with AI?

What chemical reactions can MariaDB and Alibaba Cloud produce?

On November 2, 2017, MariaDB, a well-known open source database company, announced the completion of a $27 million round of financing from Alibaba. After the financing is completed, the MariaDB community will have greater strength to participate in the increasingly fierce competition in the database. Have you used MariaDB, how do you feel?

Distributed service framework Dubbo crazy update! Ali open source to do big things?

Recently, a major event has taken place in the open source community. The national Java developer has used the most widely used open source service framework, Dubbo, to maintain low-key maintenance, and has released three maintenance releases in three months. These three maintenance releases not only solve a series of problems and needs that the community cares about, but also greatly increase the activity of the entire community. How many guys haven't touched Dubbo yet?

NSA network weapons are open, in the face of sudden high-risk vulnerabilities, how should we respond?

On April 14th, 2017, the circle of friends began to be revealed by Shadow Brokers to the United States NSA formula organization a large wave of 0day and confidential documents, the domestic and international security circle buzz. It includes multiple Windows remote exploits that cover 70% of the world's Windows servers.

So, what vulnerabilities have you encountered as enterprise managers, operation and maintenance personnel, and security technicians? How can we fix it?

Life is too short, what do you do with Python?

Python has become one of the more popular languages. There is a saying that is good, "Life is short, I use Python." Python has gained a lot of programming enthusiasts with its simple syntax, powerful features and many other advantages. Python is not only easy to learn, it can be quickly applied, but it is also very powerful. So, what areas of the field do you mainly use Python to do? What do you do with Python specifically?

From the Gitlab database deleted can not fully recover to see the importance and operability of data backup

On February 1st, a well-known data code hosting website Gitlab engineer accidentally deleted data during long-term fatigue operation. When the engineers reacted, the 500G production environment data was deleted and only 4.5G remained. However, this little brother did not run, but chose the live response data. After nearly seven hours of hard work, the data eventually recovered, but it still lost 6 hours of data. For this incident, Gitlab also gave its own solution and future ToDo list for backup. In normal times, how do you back up on the server? How do you keep your data safe?

I’ve been talking about immigration Mars recently. Do you know these black technologies?

The Mars Immigration Program is an immigrant Mars revealed by the media to the media and plans to build a community on Mars. Although it has been exposed as a scam, many people have great interest in this program, in addition to NASA in recent years. NASA, even the private sector SpaceX, Amazon, and Dutch companies are all working on the Mars program. It is expected that human immigrants will be Mars within 10 years. Then, from a technical point of view, what are the challenges of immigration Mars? Can black technology move closer to this goal?

How to use memory technology to build a big data service platform?

In 2009, SAP HANA made a very bold decision to put almost all the data in memory in the way of stacking up hardware. Little friends, think about the speed of memory and the hard drive can be an order of magnitude? A report that takes one day to complete on Oracle or DB2, only takes 3 seconds after switching to HANA! ! Yes, it only takes 3 seconds. More than just speed, SAP HANA also has flexible resource allocation and efficient resource utilization. What software platform do you use to build your own big data service?

Does self-built a cluster cost millions? How to build a data warehouse at a low cost?

Under high demand, traditional warehouses are bound to face challenges: the rapid growth of data volume leads to a decline in operational efficiency; the cost of data integration is large; the diversity of data cannot be processed; and the in-depth analysis capabilities such as data mining are lacking. Self-built clusters cost millions and require professional operations. MaxCompute adopts the mode of volume-based charging, and pays only according to 0.3 yuan/GB, which is ready to use. According to the data volume of most companies, it usually costs only a few hundred dollars per month. In order to do a good job in enterprise data services, how should architects help companies to do low-cost data warehouse strategies?

Is Moore's Law dead? Will the GPU replace the CPU location?

In the NVIDIA GTC China conference held in Beijing, whether it is AI intelligent computing, server data center, smart city, or even virtual reality that was hot last year but has been unable to support many people, it seems to belong to many hearts. NVIDIA, represented by the graphics industry, has become more and more full, but behind these news, there seems to be a bolder prediction: Moore's Law is dead, and the GPU will eventually replace the CPU. What do you think about this?

Will you give up Java for the Kotlin language?

Since May of this year, the Google Android team official announced that Kotlin has become the third official programming language after C++ and Java. Kotlin has experienced explosive growth, not only in the various lists of programming languages, but also in the list. And the adoption rate among programmers has skyrocketed, and some predict that Kotlin will surpass Java in the next few years. Have you decided to abandon Java and switch to Kotlin? How do you feel about Kotlin?

Wang Xinling privately leaked, in the era of big data, how to protect corporate data and personal information of citizens?

With the development of information technology, people's daily lives are gradually digitized. Through the application and analysis of big data, we can portray the various online and offline interactions in people's daily lives, thus providing people with fast and quality services. However, while providing convenience, the security risks caused by the disclosure of personal information cannot be underestimated. Network security is an ecological circle. It requires enterprises, individual users and governments from all walks of life to participate in the construction of a healthy and secure Internet environment: as a company, how should we protect user data? As an individual, how should we protect private data in our daily lives?

21 billion times / minute to grab the red envelope application, what are the technical difficulties in the architecture design?

Today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, using mobile phones to grab red envelopes has become a must-have entertainment method for the Spring Festival. According to statistics from Alipay, on February 7, 2016, on New Year's Eve, Alipay has four rounds of “咻一咻” interactive platform. The total number of participations reached 324.5 billion times; at 21:09, the enthusiasm of users' participation reached its peak, and the peak of “咻一咻” reached 21 billion times per minute. With such a huge peak, what are the difficulties in architecture design? How many pits did the Alipay red bag technical team step on?

Aunt is married to a woman as long as a programmer, is the spring of the code farmer coming?

On the second day of the Yunfu Conference Ant Financial ATC Conference, nearly 80 developers from all over the country are conducting a two-day and one-night "hackathon" developer contest. Thousands of programmers around the world are working on Alipay Program creativity and programming contest. An aunt suddenly "闯" into the venue, posted a notice of marriage on the spot, the notice stated the daughter's personal situation and the requirements of the other party, the goal is clear, is the programmer present.

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