Yoho! have goods Ningian: vertical Electric dealers will not be swallowed up by the integrated Business Circle

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A few days ago, tidal power http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1642.html ">yoho! goods are being carried out warehousing logistics upgrades, the new warehouse covers an area of 12000 square meters." It is reported that this batch of new modern warehousing logistics infrastructure investment more than 5 million yuan.


Compared with the comprehensive platform such as Jingdong, the
logistics system is not the strength of the vertical electric business. Especially in the industry on the general failure of the vertical electric operators, yoho! the expansion of goods, it is inevitable that the money behind the operation of the ability and development logic is curious.


Vertical Electric dealers still have independent development space


yoho! market leader Ningian in an interview, said that the future consumption of energy will increasingly focus on the line, the vertical electric business in the Beijing-east, the cat as the representative of the comprehensive shopping district, there is still an independent development space. Therefore, it is necessary to perfect the supporting chain of warehousing logistics infrastructure.


However, many people will have such a doubt, if consumers in Beijing east, the cat can buy the same goods, vertical web site is not the need for existence?


Ningian don't think so. In his view, although Jing-dong, The cat although the volume of large, category-wide, brand also more and more, but in some categories of supply chain control, and did not achieve the ultimate, still in the past season merchandise clearance mainly. Because the comprehensive business district for the undifferentiated mass consumer groups, the demand for personalization is not high, but the price is more sensitive.


This makes many brands, especially high-end fashion brands, in order to maintain their own brand tone, but also in order to more accurately match the audience, not willing to enter the business Super platform. This gives the vertical electric quotient growth space.


Many of the vertical electric operators of the entrance is to do a deep excavation of a category, but the focus of the category of vertical electric dealers no matter how active the current development, in the future will always encounter the ceiling. Once the comprehensive business district has perfected the category structure, the vertical electric trader will lose the competition barrier, is squeezed in the flow and the price, will eventually evolve into the comprehensive Business Circle supply chain section.


"In fact, the most difficult thing to do in a popular comprehensive business district is to concentrate on the vertical crowd, not on the category," he said. Therefore, the future of the vertical electric business is to grasp the vertical consumer groups, so as to provide protection in the supply chain of the right to speak, forming a long-term differentiation of competitive advantage. ”


focused vertical population needs media gene


Ningian that the difficulty is that, due to the homogeneity of the electrical quotient of serious, online shopping consumer loyalty is not high. Therefore, to grasp the vertical consumer groups, consumers must be ideological guidance. This is actually beyond the scope of E-commerce, but the role of the media. Many electric Shangdou have realized this, like Poly-Mei products have started their own magazine, The Lok Bee Network is a natural media gene.


"Yoho! has the goods is actually media origin," Ningian introduced, "in 2008 began to do the current brand electric dealer, the company itself is a trend magazine-" yoho! trend. " After years of accumulation, yoho! formed in the field of influence on the domestic trend, gradually focus on the trend of young people have gathered. ”


based on the in-depth understanding of the trend group needs, yoho! launched E-commerce projects and yoho! trend sharing community, through the provision of power flow information, social sharing, E-commerce and other full-service, firmly grasp the trend of the vertical crowd.


to meet the needs of vertical population must improve the level of supply chain control


Ningian pointed out that, because in the vertical population has enough influence, so in the supply chain, yoho! can be more emboldened. In the electric Business Project on the line, yoho! has not the goods as a brand entity store clearance channels, because this is not a long-term business positioning, but also with the company compared to the forefront of temperament.


because the trend of consumer groups for the personality requirements of the commodity is very high, so in the current supply of goods, yoho! is not only the domestic difficult to buy the tide card put to the website to sell it.


A very obvious feature is that yoho! has a higher proportion of new products than the General Electric quotient, many brands of styles are exclusive or joint release. Even in some brands (such as Nike) on the introduction, is from the product is still in the design of the drawing, the beginning of the selection, so as to ensure that yoho! goods sold, can be in the first time and the market effective docking. So yoho! stock turnover ratio is high.


"Have a lot of friends for the first time browse yoho! have goods, will reflect, yoho! goods commodity price is expensive, discount strength is not big, will someone buy?" In fact, a T-shirt, whether it is to sell 1000 yuan or 100 yuan, as long as consumers think it is worthwhile, it is not expensive. Yoho! has been operating for more than four years, has been holding a geometric growth, which proves that our products still have a market. ”


so in the price system, yoho! has always maintained a very calm attitude, never do price war, not play PR war, also did not burn money in advertising, the main focus on streamlining the supply chain, improve user experience and build precision marketing system. "We've been steady all the way to this day and the cash flow is very good." ”


Ningian says yoho! will tend to be platform-oriented in the future. However, unlike other vertical electric operators to make a comprehensive platform, Yoho! has to do is the trend of the field of vertical crowd platform, rather than emphasizing the category of expansion, because the struggle in the category is powerless. Vertical electric business transformation to do a comprehensive platform, in the flow and price, in any case can not match with the cat, Jingdong.


Therefore, yoho! has the goods will continue to focus on the trend of consumers this segmented group. Yoho! March this year, the launch of the women's clothing channel, the company launched the trend of the magazine "Yoho! Girls", efforts to develop Chao women's market, intended to further deepen the impact on the vertical population.


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