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A few days ago wrote a "industry station operation Disclosure, help you quickly become the industry leader, after the article published often have friends ask me about how to do a good job in the industry station of the operation promotion, today has empty the heart to combine their own experience and talk about the industry station operation Promotion. Website promotion is generally line online under the promotion of two road, for the industry station, line online under the combination of a more effective way to promote. For online promotion, there have been a lot of articles have been introduced, we can Baidu, the following to talk about how to promote offline.

Many industry associations will often organize activities within the industry, such as various forums, experience exchange, and often participate in such activities for the expansion of the network, the promotion of the website is very effective. And after these activities, the organizing committee will generally appear similar to the Journal of paper Publications, in addition to the publication of a number of activities summarized, guest speeches, industry resources information, a variety of industry enterprises advertising is the publication of profit means, due to relatively strong, many companies are willing to advertise on the above. Stationmaster can seize this opportunity and meeting organizer contact to take resource substitution method, publish website advertisement in the catalogue. This operation down, after a period of accumulation, your site in the industry also calculate a face ripe, some people sometimes in the search for information may think of your site, so that our goal is reached. and generally such a journal is issued in the internal, so there will be a number of participants in the contact, as to how to use these contact methods do not need to talk about it.

After the website is promoted, the next step is to spend more time on the content of the site to consider how to retain the visitors and make them further into the registered users of the site. Because for the industry station only registered users accumulated to a certain amount of time, will make the site to establish an atmosphere of communication, Exchange and interaction, the site can do a better job in order to have greater development space.

To improve the registration rate of the site, first from the site interface features, to ensure that the page design planning clear, so that visitors through the site can quickly master the structure of the site, know their "next" what to do. Therefore, the site column should not be too much, so that visitors know their current location, and through navigation can quickly find the content of interest. In addition to external factors such as interface, more important is the site to provide users with targeted services and valuable content, so that the site becomes a platform for industry users to exchange, so that the site can be recognized by users, improve user loyalty, and thus establish their own brand website.

Site registered users accumulated to a certain number of times, means that the site in the industry has a certain brand influence, the next can be considered to provide more high-end services, such as toll users, fees and other information. Information is valuable, when the establishment of the website brand, the value of the information can be reflected, but also users can agree with this practice, this time the introduction of fees is a matter of course.

Because the user of our website is accumulated through the offline propaganda, this makes this part of the user in the acceptance of the project, the site in the establishment of trust has a congenital advantage, this part of the user to pay the chance than from the search engine or online to promote over to the big, with this foundation, Can also be promoted from the online to attract users to provide more confidence, so that the site into a virtuous circle. This is not to say that online promotion is not important for the industry station for these two aspects of the promotion are very important, can promote each other.

Since the fee is collected, how to improve the quality of information and services is a problem that must be considered. To do a good job in this regard to the user needs to investigate, and constantly innovate, so that users feel that the site is really real for them to provide services, the value of the money, only in this way, the site can really in the minds of users to establish a brand.

The above steps seem to have a sequence, so the description is only considered to read a few, in fact, some of the steps in the establishment of the site will be considered at the beginning. Okay today about the industry station topic on this, later have the time will continue to Trade station topic, Exchange qq:454665604, my station: www.libia.cn (Libia website Operation Club)

This article by the Libia website Operation Club Original, reprint please indicate the source. Exchange QQ Group: 64259596

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