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Today accidentally learned that I have been doing the keyword "Nanjing Network Company" Natural ranking first site is an unattended station, the site owner has moved to the Hefei market for a period of time, this is undoubtedly a blockbuster clap, let me have to reflect on the reasons. SEO, really and I imagined the same?

Our daily course

Content update, outside the chain is almost seoer daily compulsory, I naturally can not immune, in order to attract spiders, the Internet can search on every page has a link to the site, and then try to do everything possible to the spider "Feeding", they can write the original write, really can't suppress also want to find two pieces of false original top, anyway, regardless of "Food" how, resolutely do not let the spider back empty stomach. But in fact, spiders included a small number of poor, nature will not give a good "facial expression." I believe that with my similar situation of a few colleagues, we will often reflect on the work, why do so many things every day does not have any effect, and may even receive punishment? The reason is simple, we do these are called SEO, but in fact, this is not really seo! Want to know what is SEO , we must start with the purpose.

Clarify the purpose of both sides

What is the purpose of the search engine? The integration of Internet resources, the collection of information on various websites, the establishment of a database to provide users with retrieval services. Since the search engine's service object is the Internet user, then, the good user experience is the search engine core competitiveness, the fact also proved that all search engines are committed to this.

Again, to see the purpose of SEO, simply said that the search engine to improve the site in the correlation search engine rankings, so it seems, to improve the ranking is the purpose of SEO. Wrong! Ranking is only as a measure of SEO effectiveness of a standard, not as the sole purpose of search optimization.

I think that no company to do the site, do search optimization is to rely on the transformation from the network of customers to feed themselves (E-commerce site for the moment do not talk). I think, rather than do the site is to sell products, rather than to do the promotion, because in my opinion, all the sales orders brought by the network can be regarded as the added value of the brand promotion, after all, consumers or partners, first of all to the brand recognition will be recognized for the product, even if this type of pure online products, That year is also the first to spend a large amount of publicity, carrying a huge loss will be branded, not to mention the general still need to do SEO enterprises, if you expect the network source orders to earn a living, I am afraid to starve to death.

Really want to rank, want to sell products online, do the bidding is better, ranking also have, orders come quickly, cost-effective actually is not bad, there is no need to spend human and financial time to do slow SEO, therefore, the ultimate goal of real SEO is not ranked, nor sell products, but brand promotion.

Understand the real rules of the game

To participate in the search engine marketing this game, it is necessary to comply with the rules of the search engine. We do SEO goal is the search engine, but the search engine's service object is the user, why don't we take a long view, directly to the user as a service object, to provide a good user experience to visitors, rather than every day thinking how to curry favor with spiders, users like the king.

Any industry in the development process are unavoidable to take some detours, now most of the seoer are lost in the trap of spiders like, and forget the enterprise do search engine optimization real intention. SEO is a chaoyang industry, can bring the value of the enterprise is immeasurable, but the spider as the core of the SEO work will only destroy the original health of the environment, the entire industry, I hope we can calm down to think about what we are doing.

PS: This article by the Nanjing Parabola Network Technology Co., Ltd. (professional Nanjing website Construction, Nanjing Network Company) Small series of original, more good articles please pay attention to, welcome to reprint, but please be sure to indicate the source, ignore the must investigate, We like to share, but please respect the achievements of other people's work, thank you!

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