Your original article was reprinted after the "original"?

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The internet is a huge stage, everyone has a hard sweat, or for the sake of life, or for the sake of fame. Some people at the desk writing, some people in the middle of the night, but it is through these efforts to obtain results but let some people get something for nothing, these people waste the hard-earned results. Often see such a situation, a loss of the feelings of the rise.

Webmaster, your original article was reprinted after the "original"?

It's too much, it happens every day, and we can't stop it. To put it another way, we publish the purpose of the soft text: 1. Through the A5 and other high weight webmaster platform to enhance the weight of the personal site 2. Do high-quality outside the chain. Of course it throws out interested people and news people. So is there any way we can no longer worry about their original articles by others "steal" it? Is there a way we can get to the end? The answer is yes.

Although Baidu has withdrawn from the Spark program, but I think if we want to make this plan to implement to every webmaster body, is not realistic, then in this problem still exists below for everyone to enumerate the author of the usual way to deal with this problem:

1. Use of "stolen" persons

These friends are often in order to send out the chain and hair outside the chain, in your just through the Webmaster platform after the audit, they immediately paste copied to other forums or platforms, disguised as original, to achieve the purpose of inclusion. Because considering these people will be sent to a higher weight platform, search engine will be his platform as the result of the original, my general operation is in the article in a reasonable position to add their own domain name, preferably in the example to add, one can do examples for example, and if "steal" this does not pay attention to your article without changes on the release, At least you can draw an outside chain, if his platform weight is high, that better, although not much role.

2. Through the weight of the high and low release

This method is more suitable for the new station, and the new station in the Baidu audit period of friends. If you have carefully prepared an article, you should pay attention to the issue of a principle, that is: according to the level of the weight of the release. For example, my original article will be first published in the, followed by A5, here is a skill, that is A5 and webmaster home at the same time, as long as the article quality, included is not a problem. This method if the article has its own site URL, then the weight of the promotion will have a part of the role. If your station has been included in Baidu, there is no harm, you can wait until your site is included in the article Baidu, published to A5 or other webmaster platform, because the spider has been determined that you are original, then others if reproduced or copied to bring the flow and weight for us is also effective.

3, the initiative to the spider attack

Some webmaster friends said, they really helpless, not too much time to do pure original and highly pseudo original, some platforms can not take many links, for their own chain success, only delete the original author of the. In fact, everyone knows the webmaster of this situation. I think that the original can be completely false, and can go to those high weight webmaster net reprint, but must do well for the original, at this time you can also have a clear conscience to say: This is my own article. For those new stations are not included in the search engine webmaster, not too much optimization work, you can take more time to write Soft Wen, write their own forever better than others.

Problems remain. What we can do is through our own efforts, not by asking others to do anything.

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