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For the cloud computing industry, 2012 was a turbulent year. Beijing Cloud base, as our country and even the world's cloud computing field practitioners and leaders witnessed the big events, big development, big changes. At present, China is in the middle of "Twelve-Five", adjusting the economic structure and changing the mode of economic growth is still the main task of economic development, cloud computing can promote the social innovation ability, give birth to the new business model, enhance the economic development benefit and quality, change the economic growth mode. In the 2013, China's economic development faces new opportunities and challenges, but smooth and rapid economic growth will still be the main theme, cloud computing as a strategic emerging industry breakthrough, will promote China's sustained and healthy economic development.

Beijing Cloud Base think-tank-Beijing Yun-Hua Times Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Yunhua times) on the 2013 China's cloud computing industry, the development of the forecast, and through the cloud network starting. The next year, the Yunhua era will be united in the cloud network released China's top ten trends in cloud computing forecasts and do a review, please pay attention.

The report pointed out that 2013 China's cloud computing industry development of the ten trends predicted as follows:

First, cloud computing industry has become the key direction of industrial capital and government investment, cloud computing industry agglomeration will become a new hotspot of science and Technology Park construction

Domestic cloud computing industry is booming, investment activities are increasingly active, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Kazakhstan, such as the government, broadband capital and other industrial enterprises have been involved. In 2013, the vast market space will further attract a large amount of capital into the cloud computing field. The form of investment will be presented in four ways: Government investment and Industrial capital, government special Support Fund, scientific research institutions to separate investment, industrial capital injection unilaterally. Cloud computing related hardware manufacturing, software development, operational services and other fields will be the focus of capital. Cloud computing industry, as the growth point of strategic emerging industries, has become the focus of science and technology parks and will lead the new development trend of industrial agglomeration.

Second, the new urbanization policy for intelligent City Construction pointed out the direction, traffic clouds, government clouds, education cloud, medical cloud construction will become an important link

2012 Central Economic Work Conference, clearly put forward "actively and steadily promote urbanization, and strive to improve the quality of urbanization", that is, "the concept and principles of ecological civilization to fully integrate into the whole process of urbanization, the intensive, intelligent, green, low-carbon New Road of urbanization." The construction of Intelligent city has a clearer aim and direction. Several cities in the country in the traffic, government affairs, education, medical field to carry out the exploration of cloud computing, the initial results. In the 2013, traffic cloud, government affairs cloud, Education Cloud, medical cloud construction will become the important link of Intelligent city construction in the whole country.

Third, domestic and foreign enterprises will be in our country cloud computing market Qiangdian Layout, market competition situation preliminary formation

In 2013, China's cloud computing industry will enter a rapid growth stage. Domestic enterprises in the Internet companies, E-commerce trading platform, telecom operators will focus on the layout of cloud computing. At the same time, foreign enterprises optimistic about the development potential of China's cloud computing market, will follow. Foreign companies penetrate the domestic cloud computing market by: the establishment of cloud Services operations center, providing hardware and software products and solutions, the establishment of cloud computing research and Development Center. The cloud computing market enters the enterprise quantity to increase, the competition situation will form preliminarily.

More than half of China's large and medium-sized enterprises focus on planning and deployment of private cloud, and procurement of cloud-oriented hardware and software and related services

In recent years, industry leaders have implemented private cloud deployment, which has achieved significant results in consolidating IT resources and reducing maintenance costs. Private cloud deployments have significantly increased recognition in the industry. In addition, the main IT companies to provide cloud-oriented hardware and software and corresponding services for the business development focus, the user's choice of a broader range, the cost of adoption is lower. In 2013, more than half of China's large and medium-sized enterprises are expected to focus on planning and deploying private cloud, and sourcing cloud-oriented hardware and software and related services.

Five, enterprise-oriented cloud computing services will pay more attention to socialization, collaboration, networking, new requirements, the price will be more reasonable

The popularization of mobile Internet and the extensive use of social network have made a great impact on the business idea and management process of our country. Open innovation, work synergy and industrial chain integration have put forward new requirements for enterprise-oriented cloud computing services, that is, focus on socialization, collaboration and networking. In 2013, cloud computing services companies will follow quickly to provide enterprise-class services that meet new trends. The increase in the number of providers and the accumulation of operational experience will make the price of cloud computing services more reasonable and the adoption rate of enterprises (especially SMEs) will be greatly improved.

Vi. The independent research and development of cloud computing basic technology will continue to receive strong government support

The long-term sustainable development of cloud computing industry is inseparable from the strong support of basic technology. In the third IT technology wave-cloud computing technology development process, China and the world synchronization, already a few enterprises in the cloud computing basic technology breakthrough, has the ability to replace the international similar products. This is of great significance to ensure the security of national information technology infrastructure and information resources, and to build autonomous and controllable Chinese cloud computing services. So in the 2013, the independent research and development of cloud computing basic technology will continue to receive strong government support.

E-commerce trading platform, social network, financial enterprises, telecom operators will further deepen the application of large data

E-commerce transactions, social interaction, financial services, communication and other activities of the extensive development, resulting in a large scale, diverse forms, real-time requirements of the "big Data." In the case of cloud computing technology and large data processing capabilities, E-commerce trading platform, social network, financial enterprises, telecom operators and other entities have a large number of resources, the initial attempt to analyze the big data. In the 2013, such enterprises will further deepen the use of large data for the management of decision-making and business operations services.

Eight, the domestic cloud-oriented services for individuals began to popularize

There are already some enterprises at home and abroad to provide a colorful, personal-oriented cloud computing services, changing the consumer's work, life, learning, entertainment habits, such as cloud storage, cloud video, Cloud reading, cloud music, etc.

With the characteristics of sharing, synchronization, mobile-oriented, dynamic acquisition, and multiple terminal applications. These successful services have been recognized by individual users. In the 2013, China's personal-oriented cloud computing services will begin to popularize, showing a large growth trend.

Nine, the open source cloud platform and the tool class software rapid development, obtains the widespread application in the domestic

First of all, through the open source software community crowdsourcing power, cloud computing related software development faster and more efficient, the domestic cloud computing open source community is very active. Second, the adoption of open source software significantly reduced deployment costs, consistent with the development of cloud computing, in line with the short-term demands of Chinese companies. Finally, the international leading enterprise's cloud computing is mostly deployed on the open source platform, which directly affects the understanding trend of domestic enterprises. In the 2013, open source cloud Platform and tool class software will develop rapidly and be widely used in China.

Ten, the domestic desktop cloud deployment will rise, the arrival of the cloud era

The desktop cloud system realizes the centralized management of many users ' desktop environment and data, which makes the upgrade maintenance more efficient, the data use more secure, the access is more flexible, the business processing ability is stronger, the system reliability is higher. The desktop cloud changes the way the traditional enterprise work environment and information systems are deployed. Low power consumption, high-performance thin terminal products, cloud server, terminal embedded operating system, server virtualization software, desktop virtualization software, equipment management software and communication protocols continue to introduce new, so that users choose a larger range of desktop cloud construction costs lower. With the increase of the technical level of the domestic desktop cloud system providers and the successful implementation of the case, in 2013, the domestic desktop cloud deployment will rise, the cloud era is coming.

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