Yunnan Copper first quarter net profit 174 million

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NetEase Finance April 19 news Yunnan Copper Industry announced the first quarter of the quarterly bulletin.  The company's first quarter to achieve total operating income of 5.988 billion yuan, an increase of 12.56% per cent, the net profit of the listed company shareholders 174 million yuan, an increase of 5.69%; According to the published annual report, 2010, the company realized operating income of 31.713 billion yuan, an increase of 96%, operating profit of 631 million yuan, growth of 28.9% per cent, the realization of ownership of the parent company's owner net profit of 431 million yuan, an increase of 15.6%  To achieve the basic EPS of 0.34 Yuan, the annual company intends not to implement the profit distribution, also does not carry out the capital accumulation fund to increase the share capital; the company has not been allocating profits for 3 consecutive years. The first venture recently released the research report that Yunnan Copper is located in the transportation is not convenient Yunnan, transport costs are high; 08 The company's huge losses led to the company's asset-liability level has been high in recent years.  The cost rates for the three period of the company were significantly reduced in 2010: The operating cost rate, the management cost rate and the financial cost rate were reduced from 1.43%, 4.21% and 3.97% in 09 to 10, 0.92% and 2.5% for 2.2% years, and the total cost rate decreased by 4%.  The first venture pointed out that the company's recent non-public offerings were approved to increase the company's annual production of copper 10,000 tons (15%), improve the company's raw material self-sufficiency rate. 19th, Yunnan Copper closed to 25.09 yuan. Responsible Editor: NF058
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