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"We are satisfied with the steady financial performance of the third quarter." The group's total revenue rose 23% from a year earlier, exceeding our expectations. Brand advertising revenue to reach the expected limit, online gaming revenue is far better than expected. Dr. Charles Zhang, chairman and chief executive of Sohu, said in an interview with reporters.

A few days ago, Sohu released the 2012 three-quarter unaudited financial report, of which, the entire quarter to record a record high, to 285 million U.S. dollars, compared with 2011 growth of 23%, attributable to Sohu's non-US general accounting standards net profit of 30 million U.S. dollars.

Data show that the third quarter, Sohu Video steady progress, continue to win market share. According to Iris Consulting data, September 2012, Sohu Video's daily coverage of users increased by 16% compared with June, and the overall video industry This indicator growth of 6%. This makes Sohu video the second place in all video industry.

"We will continue to invest in homemade content that is popular with internet users." "Zhang said that the strong cash flow and Sohu video better monetization capabilities, enhanced Sohu group continue to exert investment in the video field of confidence." In the 2013 video content reserves, the current video price is relatively stable, Sohu is actively with the copyright dealers to negotiate. Up to now, has obtained more than 10 TV series exclusive copyright.

In addition, in the mobile internet, Sohu's mobile products to accelerate the market grab.

"China's internet industry is moving rapidly from the PC era into the mobile internet age. Our group is excited by the great opportunities that come. Zhang said Sohu is active in the development of a variety of PC products to mobile domain.

Earnings showed Sohu's online gaming business earned $151 million trillion, a quarterly record, up 30% from the same period in 2011, up 10% from the previous quarter.

"Among the main competitors in China's online gaming industry, the tour is one of only a handful of companies capable of developing popular multiplayer online games and web games, while owning and running the leading gaming information portal 17173.com to serve players." Zhang said there is reason to believe that by relying on these resources, the tour will continue to bring growth to our business and take advantage of the many growth opportunities in China and around the world.

Earnings showed that in the three quarter of 2012, Sogou income of 37 million U.S. dollars, compared with the same period in 2011 102%. Since August 2010, Sogou's income has maintained a quarterly growth of more than 3 digits for 2 consecutive years.

"In the third quarter, the traffic and advertising per click to increase the cost of the drive, Sogou performance is very good, revenue from the same period doubled." Sogou search volume and advertising average unit price growth of 25% and 50% respectively. Our efforts to continuously optimize the revenue of our advertisers drive up prices. Charles Zhang said.

In the third quarter, Sogou continued to focus on existing product upgrades, and continue to develop innovative products, September introduced Sogou Input Method "wisdom version" added a lot of new features, "situational awareness" is one of them, this feature can analyze the user's current situation, intelligently adjust the candidate sort, show the scene with the most matching input options.

According to CNZZ, a network data company, the market share of Sogou search increased from 7.4% in June to 8% in September. This shows that although there are new competitors to join, but because Sogou search most of the traffic from the browser, Sogou search market share is not affected.

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