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RSA General Assembly Information Security International Forum has been working to attract the global elites in the field of information security to explore the most focused topics in IT security field. With the increasing importance and impact of IT security, the RSA General Assembly Information Security International Forum has played an indispensable role in keeping global security experts in communication.

2011 RSA General Assembly Information Security International Forum will focus on application and development, cryptography and architecture, hackers and threats, mobile and network security, and trusted computing and cloud computing. More than 50 information security experts from China and abroad will share their ideas and achievements.

CSDN in order to let the broad masses of developers to understand the situation of some RSA Congress, and to attract more attention to the RSA Conference, RSA General Assembly Information Security International Forum Procedure Committee members, speakers Zhang Qi Professor gave an exclusive interview.

Trusted Computing and cloud computing

"This is the second RSA conference in Beijing, and at the request of the General Assembly, I will also raise a theme at the conference, which includes four themes, one of which is about cloud computing and trusted computing, and I will make a report on this topic." Because this topic is primarily about cloud computing security and trusted computing, the topic of my report is also focused on trusted computing. "said Professor Zhang Qi.

He did not disclose the specifics of the report, but said the report would refer to the history of China's credible computing and its interaction with the International Trust Computing Union (TCG).

"Specific content, the report of the time you know, mainly to talk about the development of trusted computing, we know that trusted computing there is an international enterprise Alliance, called the Trusted Computing Alliance (TCG). So China's credible computing is also developing, and what is the relationship between the development of China's credible computing and the international TCG? Why do you talk about this problem? Because there used to be some communication, but communication is not much, so some friends abroad for China's credible calculation, mainly some policies, the State on the credibility of the calculation of some of the situation is not very understanding. In turn, some comrades in China are not very familiar with the development of foreign trusted computing, so I would like to introduce the relationship between the two. In fact, in other words, China's trusted computing and TCG are almost synchronized. Before 04, China had developed independently, and it did not know that there was an international TCG. After 04, China learned a lot from TCG, and in turn TCG also learned something from China. My personal view is that, like in a very good technical field such as trusted computing, we learn from each other and develop together with trusted computing in China and abroad, which I think is a better way. ”

Professor Zhang believes that trusted computing is the security foundation of cloud computing, which can guarantee the security of cloud computing.

"Trusted computing the word may be professional, I use the common people are more familiar with the words should be, trusted computing is a way to improve the security of computer systems, the more simple is actually a computer security technology, computer security technology It can separate the security of the computer, so everyone is very clear." Any computer system He needs trusted computing, your system does not need a computer, then you and this technology is not much, you need to use a computer, any user computer, he wants his computer security, he did not want his computer is easy to trouble, everywhere is a virus. Cloud computing is typical, and cloud computing is not simply the use of computers, and cloud computing It is the mode of work, which determines that it needs the security of the computer more reliable, so trusted computing can be a basis for cloud computing technology, that is, I ensure that your cloud computing computer system itself is safe and trustworthy, to ensure that the cloud security ”

Professor Zhang gave an image of cloud computing: "Cloud computing infrastructure, just as the cloud computing is compared to a reservoir, not every one to build a reservoir." Repair the hoses network, access to each household, how much water you pay. So electricity, the country has some big power stations, to send electricity to households can be used. Then you have to repair the reservoir, and you have to pass through the network to the households, these facilities, these physical hardware facilities, called cloud computing infrastructure. You can't be bad, you can't use it, so trust calculation it is a computer security technology, it can help cloud computing, cloud computing inside the computer, cloud computing inside the network, can make you safe, reliable and trustworthy. So the combination of the two will be very close. ”

From academic to practice

In view of the problems of safety technology from academic to enterprise application, Professor Zhang Qi that the value of science and technology should be embodied in the application, the schools and enterprises should complement each other and cooperate with each other.

In terms of scientific and technological development, is the value of science and technology in the end to be embodied in the application of any one technology, if it has no application value, then its importance is reduced, and eventually to the application, of course, the application of different types, some become products, people can directly use, some become a recognition, We can know the world and know nature, which is also an application. It is valuable to be called science. Because we are in the school, because the school and the enterprise are two types of different units, and these two units just happen to complement each other, the enterprise is good at things, the school is not good at, the school is good at things just not good at business. So the school and the enterprise if can long-term cooperation, I personally think that this is beneficial to both sides of a cooperative way, I personally have experience. Is that I have been working with enterprises since 92, we have done products to achieve large-scale, many products have been applied, according to our own experience, that is, the school's scientific research and the actual application of the enterprise, and the actual application of the user, in fact, both sides are beneficial. Of course the cooperation between the two sides, of course, is to be able to cooperate well, the first is that both sides have such a sincerity, and can properly handle the two sides of this kind of responsibility, that is, we must be able to understand each other, something more to discuss, I think this can do good, this way I think is, must be on the enterprise and the school is very good. The

In turn, I'll introduce you to our Wuhan University teachers. We are now Wuhan in the domestic information security discipline one of the stronger schools, China's first information security Major in 01 was established by Wuhan University. In addition, we and dozens of enterprises have a cooperative relationship, we teachers to undertake the National Natural Science Fund, the country 863, as well as the enterprise commissioned, as well as other aspects of the national scientific research topics, have. The subject is divided into many categories, some of which belong to the cautious study, and some classes it belongs to the technology development. For example, national 863 projects, 863 projects you have to make things out, this is the High-tech level. Then there is cooperation with the enterprise, which is more product-making, the enterprise will be taken to use. So we now have dozens of teachers in this field, so we have formed a team. Our scientific research, that is, in line with the question you mentioned just now, theoretical research and practical application to establish a link, we generally approach this. Because we insist on doing so, in turn, the cultivation of our students is very good, in this before I just received the Tencent in Shenzhen, that is, QQ, we all know in the use of QQ. The company they came to hire us this year, his leader just walked away from my office, very welcome to our students, I this analysis, tell him. I say our students why you are very welcome, which we have a reason is that our students in their graduation internship, or in the graduate student, or in the undergraduate thesis that conclusion, one of them is to participate in the teacher's scientific research team, there are practical project training. In addition to reading, he has practical work exercise, so after graduation enterprises will be very welcome to our students. ”

(Responsible editor: Liu Fen)

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