Zhejiang first domain name auction held in Hangzhou

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On January 6, the first auction of Zheshang's domain name was held in Hangzhou. Hundreds of domain names were auctioned at this auction. Two-thirds of the domain names were taken at the auction, but a climax was set at the auction Not see the number of seemingly ordinary six-digit domain name actually all transactions.

The auction of several 6 digital domain names, looks far from the auction at the same time other domain names attractive, not too short, but not being optimistic, but all the transactions immediately after the spot attracted the attention of the majority of domain name investors. After a serious study of domain name community friends found that the actual value of these domain names is actually trivial, actually the stock code of five listed companies, "600,571 (Xinya Da)" "600,814 (Hangzhou Jie hundred)" "002048 (Ningbo Hua Xiang) "" 002056 (Hengdian East magnetic) "" 002061 (Jiangshan Chemical). " The highest price of these domains reached 7,500 yuan, the lowest there are 4,000 yuan. The bidder who bought "002048" told the reporter: "We are a listed company, and the purpose is to buy our code domain name, as long as the price is not too much, we have to buy it back." Finally, "002048" to 4500 yuan price Deal. In this auction, while the auction of some local companies domain name price reached hundreds of thousands of dollars, these well-known Zhejiang listed companies stock code domain a few thousand dollars in the transaction price can be absolutely absolute value for money.

It is understood that, at present, some listed companies directly use the stock code as their own website domain name, such as the stock market in the famous network shares variety shares 600776.com, Changjiang Seiko 600496.com and so on. However, the majority of listed companies that have not used or own their own stock code. China has more than 100 million shareholders and over 100 million people who cover at least 200 million families. In recent years, the stock market has been booming. With the promotion of major media and networks, the stock code has been impressed by the broad masses of shareholders and has been closely linked with the needs of listed companies Draw equal sign. Almost every listed company is a well-known company in all walks of life in the country. Often investing millions and tens of millions of advertisements, these companies have actually overlooked the names of their own stock codes familiar to two hundred million families. Yesterday, a friend found that all the stock code domain names have long been registered. There are several domain names such as 600859.com, 600690.com, 600104.com dozens of domain names at the same time even point to a unrelated talent website www.job800.com. One person engaged in the domain name investment industry predicted that due to the concerns raised by the auction of the Zheshang domain name, the stock code domain name will become a hot investment direction for many farmers in the future.

Perhaps in the near future many listed companies will find that using their own stock code domain name to do the site, but also make it easier for investors and employees to feel their unique position.

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