Zhejiang Province to relax network industry business Scope Cloud computing, Internet of things and so on attendance

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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, in order to make the Zhejiang network market continues to lead the country, Zhejiang Industrial and commercial new "on the promotion of rapid and orderly network market development of several views" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), E-commerce enterprises in the future market access will be relaxed support

According to statistics, last year, Zhejiang realized E-commerce turnover of more than a trillion yuan, the year-on-year growth of more than 25%, ranked first in the country. "Opinion" clear, Zhejiang will pass 3-5 years of efforts to achieve 250 of the network market, network market turnover reached 2 trillion yuan target. To achieve this goal, Zhejiang has also given the network market a variety of preferential measures.

The new policy relaxes the business scope of emerging network industries such as E-commerce enterprises. E-commerce enterprises can use the "online operation So-and-so" or "online to provide such services" as the scope of business. For the emerging network economy industry, the registration authority may according to the enterprise application, in accordance with the relevant regulations, flexibly approve its business scope.

"In the past, the business sector of emerging industries is also uncertain, and now the new policy, the emerging network industry business scope of clear, cloud computing, Internet of Things, smart city, software services, etc. are included." "Zhejiang Province Industry and Commerce Bureau Enterprise department in charge."

The new policy also supports the enterprise name embodies the network economic characteristics. Encourage the Internet market subject name to reflect the characteristics of the industry, allowing the use of "E-commerce" or to indicate its industry characteristics of various emerging industry terminology as an industry statement. Without violating the relevant provisions of the Enterprise name registration Management, e-commerce enterprises may use the personalized words including the Chinese domain name of their own web site as the name of the company or firm.

"For example, the sale of bags on the Internet enterprises, in accordance with the Convention generally registered as So-and-so Luggage Co., Ltd., now can use the personalized shop words, such as Jiaxing's wheat bag can be used ' mai bao bag ' this creative word." said the person in charge.

In addition, "opinions" support E-commerce enterprises bigger and stronger. To encourage eligible e-business enterprises to declare a zone-free business name. To take the title of "Zhejiang" E-commerce Enterprises, enterprises registered capital of the minimum limit can be funded by instalments. E-commerce enterprises to form the group, the parent company registered capital to relax to 10 million yuan, the number of subsidiaries to relax to 3, parent-subsidiary company registered Capital to relax to 30 million yuan.

By the end of next year, Zhejiang also to various types of network market subject to the implementation of the exemption registration fee measures.

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