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Unknowingly set up their own independent blog has been one months, I use the zblog, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar. Now do the site is very pay attention to the user experience, the truth is very simple, it is only the user feel comfortable, will stay on your site, it is likely to come to your site next time, if the user feel very uncomfortable, not to mention the next time, even stay, go straight, so there is no meaning.

Below I will simply share with you my blog (currently in search of Google search engine: Zhong Zhixin, today is the first, after the hard to say) in the user experience on a few simple settings:

One, in line with the user's usual use habits, do not know if we have not noticed that the current mainstream chat tools QQ, as well as the Forum program DZ and PHP and so on, send a message or a post shortcut keys are not the same, is ctrl; Of course, what I'm saying here should be the habits of most people, Also someone uses QQ to send a message habit to set the shortcut key to enter. Used Zblog know, the default is not supported by this feature, in Zblog comments are to use the mouse to point to, so in the user experience is not very cool, anyway, I feel that I do not know whether we have the same, as shown in Figure 1:

(Figure 1)

This is my previous blog reply box A screenshot, is the user input the message, also use the mouse to point to submit, I personally feel so very troublesome, do not say QQ, on the forum, I believe that everyone on the forum is also a lot, do not know if we have no such a habit, whether it is posting or replies, After playing their own content to be published, it will be very casual to press CTRL, anyway, I was like this, hehe, so I aimed at this, simple to do a little change, finished the following figure 2:

(Figure 2)

This setting is very simple, I actually also found through the search engine, but on this aspect of the content is very little, I spent a day to change the success of the time, oh, this may not be the master of what, the following simple to say the modified method.

The first is to find their own template files, I used the template is h-think, so my path is h-think/template/here to find b_article_commentpost.html files, and then edit, find the corresponding code input Name and script language, locate the two tabs and set them to the following.

        <p><input name= "Btnsumbit" type= "Submit" tabindex= "6" value= "Submit (Ctrl)" onclick= "Javascript:return verifymessage ()" class= "button"/>
         <script language= "JavaScript" type= "Text/javascript" >objactive= "txaarticle"; Exportubbframe ();
          var commenttextarea = document.getElementById (' Txaarticle ');
          commenttextarea.onkeydown = function Quicksubmit (e) {
          if (!e) var e = window.event;
          if (e.ctrlkey && E.keycode = =) {
             return verifymessage ();

That's the end of the picture. Code in the numbers and Chinese characters can be modified according to their own preferences, this for the old bird should be seen to understand, for beginners may not see, it does not matter, if you do not understand can be in my (Zhong Zhixin) blog to give me a message.

Second, remove the verification code, we see through the above two pictures are not verified code, but zblog in the default case is required to enter the verification code, I took it off, verification code this thing I personally is very annoying, you think, to publish a comment, to fill so many things, no matter who will not like, So I removed, remove the method is also very simple, that is, in the background of the Zblog Select Web Site Settings Management-page settings-to make comments when the check out the hook to get rid of it.

Above is my personal to zblog user experience some small modification method, everybody if have better, welcome enthusiastically share own experience.

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