Zhongshan public stop to buy Changan futures

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Zhongshan Public (000685) and Xi ' an aircraft industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and XI ' an aircraft industry Aluminum Company Limited 24th signed the dissolution of the "Property rights transaction contract" agreement, agreed to terminate the three parties on May 29, 2010 signed the "Property transaction contract", the company to the West Flying Group,  The total compensation for the economic losses of the West aluminum industry is 3 million yuan. May 29, 2010, Zhongshan Public bidding method in the Beijing equity exchange successfully bid Shaanxi Provincial Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. 100% stake, and the West Fly group, the West fly aluminum industry signed the "Property transaction contract", the transaction price of 86.4 million yuan.  According to the relevant provisions of the State, the "Property transaction contract" needs to be approved by the CSRC to be effective. May 31, 2010, Changan Futures to the China Securities Regulatory Commission submitted the "Shaanxi provincial governor of the Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.," The application for change of stock rights, but because Zhongshan public former chairman, general manager of the reasons, has not been approved.  Shingzhan Public and West Fly group, the West fly aluminum, Chang ' An Futures joint study, agreed that the change in the short-term stock rights will not be able to obtain the CSRC's approval. Trade participants agreed that the West Fly group, the West fly aluminum industry no longer to Zhongshan public claims any other liability and waive the rights under the property transaction contract under any right of recourse. The original "Property rights transaction Contract" stipulates: Non-transfer party (West Fly group, the West Flying aluminum) cause of the change of stock rights can not be approved, the transferor has the right to receive the party 14.04 million Yuan liquidated damages.
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