Zhou Hongyi talks about blockchain: Bitcoin is the only product just needed

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In the past two years, the blockchain has attracted a lot of attention as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed. People's attitude toward Bitcoin has also been divided into three factions. Dead loyalty believes that Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology, and the opposition believes that Bitcoin is completely Waste of wasted electricity, and there is still a group of hesitant to hesitate to get on the bus.

Before Ma Yun and Ma Huateng once said that they are optimistic about the development of the blockchain, but they are cautious about Bitcoin, so how does Zhou Hongyi, who is worth 80 billion, think about Bitcoin?

Today, 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi talked about blockchain technology at the "two sessions" conference. He said that the blockchain is so hot now, but has not seen any non-useless scenes, the only bitcoin.

Zhou Hongyi said that Bitcoin has the characteristics that the books cannot be falsified, but there are also hidden dangers of cyber attacks. “When someone has mastered 51% of computing power. Or the future quantum computing cracks the hashing algorithm of 'mining', it is a challenge to blockchain technology.”

At the same time, he also pointed out that many exchanges, wallets, etc., which have appeared today, have also experienced security incidents of losing virtual assets, which also means that blockchain technology needs security protection.

It is worth mentioning that when the 360 camera "water drop live" incident was exposed, Zhou Hongyi also claimed to reward a few bitcoins to find behind the scenes.

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