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Because of the introduction of friends, I met the founder of the Zhangjiajie tourism Web site: Zhu Wanxian, a soldier who had a chance to stay in the Beijing armed police force; a layman who initially had no concept of tourism or the Internet, in the continuous exploration of the network, the Zhangjiajie tourism network successfully built to become the most famous tourist site of Zhangjiajie personal webmaster!

In and Zhu Wanxian chat, I know he more things, he now do in Zhangjiajie is very successful: have their own car, have a room, have a wife (just a few days ago married), have a website, have their own company, let us very envy. He is very talkative, see his personality charm: enthusiasm, focus, energetic, as he wrote in his QQ signature "Let every visitor to Zhangjiajie happy travel!" So combative. There are many people in China who are more successful than him. More strength, but I want to say is that any one has their own strengths and personality, I think he will make a good tourism website, in the network tourism to achieve certain achievements, some of which are worthy of our learning and learn from:

1, to maintain a keen sense of smell, choose the right industry

Zhu Wanxian before the military service, the site is not Greek, even to the tourism industry is not Greek, he is a genuine Tujia people, when he saw his hometown of the magnificent scenery, he has made up his mind: to join the tourism industry!

From the west of the mountains out of the people, mostly yearning for modern urban life, but he prefers xiangxi this piece of ancient and beautiful, full of mysterious legends of the hot land, he said before met a guide, said the guide, "to Zhangjiajie's magnificent scenery introduced to friends from corners, in order to repay the God to give us the wealth of Xiangxi people." He was so moved. Tourism industry is the 21st century sunrise, the potential of unlimited, if the local background in Zhangjiajie to engage in tourism industry, the advantage is more obvious-he chose!

2, to maintain a good attitude and sincere service to tourists

Travel is the process of mutual trust and cooperation between travel agencies and tourists, and if we treat tourists in good faith, visitors will return us, and Zhu Wanxian to sum up their experience. Just stepped into the tourism industry, Zhu Wanxian opened the office for several months did not receive a phone call, did not receive a visitor, often see others office phone constantly, his heart will not be lost, "spend every day, no money, good uncomfortable, every day can not sleep!", this situation continued until September 30, 2002 , Zhu Wanxian clearly remember, that night, he was still the same as usual, and other people after work, just dejected to go home. About 9 o ' clock, Zhu Wanxian suddenly received Beijing tourists booking travel itinerary phone, ecstatic he tried to endure the inner excitement, dedicated to the guests made a quote, the guests in the phone confirmed the trip. Then the phone rang again, and this time he was very careful to give the guest the budget, the second stroke was finalized ... The door of the business was opened by him, and he was pleasantly surprised by much more than that. One day in November, a mail from Japan caught his attention and, with the help of the translation software, Zhu Wanxian excited to discover that it was an appointment itinerary for tourists from Kobe, Japan. "You may not believe that during the entire appointment we have not been on the phone and have been contacted by email." Before that, I didn't believe that the Japanese team would actually come to visit. He brought 25 visitors from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie, before leaving, the visitors wrote to tell me the flight number and China contact number. I called the Japanese guide, calculated the plane landing time, at the airport and waited, after the flight landed 10 minutes, I asked the guide to call him. Oh, my God, they're coming! Because Zhu Wanxian has been insisting on the quality of service to tourists, no complaints for many years, to create a good foundation for the growth of the website operation.

3, adhere to the faith, important things to deal with immediately

In Zhu Wanxian on the desk, a conspicuous sign: act now, don't stop!

Zhangjiajie tourism Network starting from the first day of establishment, is a revision, revision, and then revision of the process, each revision will need to spend a lot of time and resources, he and his network team whenever there is a new idea and inspiration appear, they will immediately carry out the relevant testing, so that every useful ideas are turned into reality, To make the site better.

After 7 years of development and accumulation, his site gradually from a single information and picture display network to provide information, booking and other functions complete, traffic is very high E-commerce site, "I want to organize professional operations team to do a good job in Zhangjiajie's network tourism market, The site to create more than 60 Zhangjiajie travel agencies The only full use of network resources to serve the site. "When it comes to the future," Zhu Wanxian said.

We do not care about the extent of the development of Zhangjiajie tourism network and the future, if we will own mentality, the idea of doing more perfect, absorbing other people's "nutrients" enrich themselves, for the webmaster, is very worthwhile.

Make money, is every stationmaster wants, many times, we see others make a website is very profitable, a stationmaster's traffic is super high, the heart is itchy, according to gourd painting scoop, hurriedly oneself also do one, some people even do dozens of at a breath, do have a personal station to make money, but have more stationmaster just earn a living expenses to maintain a life, Not to find the direction, not long-term development.

Do the website, must do others have not thought, has done the website, if does others already has done the website, will try to do better than others. Deep digging site potential, so that can be based on an industry. Before and Cai wins had met, he warned us, now the society is very fine, work to do in depth, so as to become a leader in an industry, I think this may be a lot of webmaster defects, I hope everyone in their respective industries can find a breakthrough, make good station, strong station!

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