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Brief introduction of Teacher Zhu Zherong:

· 1996 in one of China's top 500 enterprises to participate in the work, for a long time as propaganda cadres, for many years to obtain the first prize of corporate correspondents, has participated in the July 1997 January military vehicles in Hong Kong, October 1, 1999 military parade manufacturing.

· Early in the "Economic daily", "Business Management", "China Business newspaper", "China Training", "Shaanxi Daily", "Northwest Information", "Heavy Car", "Shaanxi Automobile newspaper" and other media published more than 400 articles.

· has served as enet Silicon Valley power correspondent, the internet research over 10 years of history.

· 2009, responsible for the People's Republic of China's domestic trade standards, "Commodity after-sale Service Evaluation system", "business planning Evaluation norms", "retailers and suppliers Fair Trade behavior Standards", "Business services Customer satisfaction evaluation norms" and other standards of comprehensive publicity work

This evening's theme is "Instant writing income and soft language skills"

Divided into three aspects: first, instant writing income; second, soft writing skills 10-15; 3, free quiz 20-30 minutes.

Let's talk about instant writing revenue first. A lot of people ask: what is the writing soft text used for? The answer to the big people is: promote the website. There are also a lot of people look at the soft text training, that is: "Passing, flash people", or "not interested." "The first thing we're going to talk about today is the income from instant writing. In other words, direct use of soft text to create income. Special monthly income less than 5000 webmaster can focus on the annual operating income of more than 100 million of the site, you can also focus on the attention. Many webmaster are reflected in their own web site development seems gilded no end, the site transformation How to turn, rely on the Web site Alliance, webmaster, especially small webmaster, where to eat. We say that SEO does not necessarily solve this always, but writing is likely to solve your development problems. Because soft writing, the more fancy is direct income, not traffic.

Tell 10 Stories:

QQ Alliance

QQ alliance with less people, many owners feel that the alliance does not make money. In fact, the promotion of QQ Alliance, preferably with soft Venlai push. For example, QQ clairvoyant function, light gold mobile phone, you play the QQ advertising effect is not good. QQ's large users do not understand anything, they are also willing to spend some pocket money, open these functions, or show off in a friend, this time, you need to write soft wen, the way to use the soft text to open the Clairvoyant function, how to light the Golden small mobile phone knowledge popularization, you need to write articles hands-on to teach them, Teach them how to do it by hand, and put your affiliate code on the line and let them open immediately. QQ Non-mainstream Inside there are a number of relatively large sites, the site also put 35 such soft wen, income is not much, monthly also can be divided into tens of thousands of from the QQ League.

Second, parrot

How to teach the parrot to live, the question seems very simple, but puzzled a lot of people. Parrot This word, in Google's Daily search amount is hundreds of times to 1000 times up and down, someone made up an ebook "How to Teach the Parrot to live", a copy of more than 10 dollars, he advertised on Google, not many, a year this ebook also earns 100,000 dollars, this case is well documented.

Third, sell photos online

Someone has sorted out their experience and know-how of selling photos on the internet for many years. Wrote an ebook "How to sell photos on the Internet", and then set up a website, only a Web page, access to the site, if interested in direct online purchase, he finished this matter, on every day in the photo site and forum to write soft text, not many, Two years, 98,000 copies sold.

Iv. Online Training

Someone in the street saw a sports car, he wanted to own the sports car, but his money is not enough. According to this situation, he wrote an "idea of success", also said for a period of time, his mind focused on a thing to you, conceal times. If the book is published, the fee is not much, if sold on the internet to sell e-books, too slow. Therefore he takes the training the way carries on the enrollment, the student studies altogether four weeks, 2500 yuan, he divided four times to distribute the course, if you pay to attend the study the first week, felt the effect is not good, may the full refund. After he had developed the course, on the Internet to write soft text enrollment, the first recruit to 46 students, 5 students in the first week drop-out, there are 41 students, so he earned a total of 102500 yuan, such courses are no cost, almost pure profit. Next, he developed a few courses, so the circulation of enrollment, training, a few months later, he bought the value of the 800,000 sports car.

V. Research Reports

I have registered a Baidu in Baidu space, in the above threw a few "budget hotel market research Report", "star hotel cost control manual" and so on, it is just a simple directory, I feel its catalog has reference value to put up. Six months later, I didn't go to that space. Until the day after six months, I went to see, the results found more than 10 message: "How to buy this report, please contact me, cell phone: XX", "How can you read the full text??? know, please contact me speed! QQ:XX, thank you very much! "," The handbook there, the price? "," urgent purchase, please contact me quickly ... ". A research report is usually priced at around 6000-8000, and a cheaper report also requires more than 2000. Now you can think about what these messages say about the problem?

Vi. Access to Services

See this two soft article:

"Like the Www.abc.com website offers an email ad sample, 60 dollars, many of which have a good effect." ”

"You can try Www.abc.com's website business know-how service, 180 yuan a year, while www.cba.com network business Research Information Services, 170 yuan a year." "If you're reading a Web page, what do you suddenly want to do when you need it?"


Dr. Wilson of the United States is an online self-employed, he released a "Today's online marketing" of the electronic magazine, a hundred thousand of people subscribe to the two-week issue, a collection of his online marketing tips collected from the Internet, a monthly new subscribers more than 2000 people. Then, on this basis, Wilson issued a charge of the electronic magazine, the income is quite good. Many American-founded electronic magazines earn more than 10000 dollars a month.

Viii. Chen Chiqiang

Ali on a call Chen Chiqiang, rely on borrowed 4,000 dollars as start-up funds, sell fans on the internet, initially more than 20 hours a day lying in the Ali forum posts, no customer consultation on the time to take a nap. Later developed to four people, from work to work, the computer all started, all the people lying on the internet post, write soft text. The first year to sell fans, from the purchase to sales are his one person to complete, no Chengxiang, the first year to sell more than 2 million yuan, to 2006, sales of 60 million yuan.

Ix. Google

Google has always claimed that they did not spend a penny of the advertising costs, miraculously grow up. You can focus on what Google is doing in 2003 and 2004. For example, Sina Science and Technology channel, in the international news, if there are 10 news, of which 6, 7 are its news. If you want to figure it out, it's as simple as a "jumbo machine", spreading its soft paper all over the place. That's the trick behind its miracle. Seeder

X. Glen Shi

When Glenn was first founded, he had no money to advertise, to find someone specially write soft wen, made a "microwave oven cook 1000 law", in dozens of local tabloids in the country, and then the national newspapers in the crazy reprint of these pieces of tofu small article, not long, there are more than 300 newspapers in the reprint of this. Therefore, the rise of the grant is called: "Conquer the land with Tofu."

The story is finished, you think the soft text is useless, can flash people. If it feels useful, the effect of the soft text-is "no marketing." If there is a difference between SEO and soft, that is, the former must rely on keywords, the latter basically do not need traffic. Of course, both can be combined.

We'll take two. The second link: writing skills of soft paper

Tip One: Use soft writing labels

Soft writing label is the author's brief information, 350 words, generally used at the end of the article, finished writing a post.

For example: Zhang is one of the most brilliant stars in internet marketing, and he is also a popular website planning trainer. Visit www.abc.com can read a lot of his latest articles.

Li Four has five years of beauty experience, she wrote a lot of beauty knowledge and tips to share with friends. (www.abc.com) Harry, editor of the Electronic Journal of Healthy Living, founded the ABC website and the "Healthy Living" electronic magazine, and he also offered a 20-day free course, "20 habits of white-collar life" in http://www.abc.com.

Tip Two: Sales website

Traditional website Management thinking, need to customers "three times." "The first time, write a soft text or advertise the visitor to pull over, the second time, from the audience to pour out a possible customer, the third time, in a possible customer find the final paid customer. Soft writing only needs to be inverted one or two times by hand. Your site, just a few pages, say clearly what to sell, how to sell, the customer may ask questions are all written on the Web page, they go to see, do not have to explain to him again and again. Next, there is only one thing, write soft Venla possible visitors to your site, the remaining thing is a deal.

Tip Three: Sales Leads

What do you think you would be interested in in the following two descriptions?

1, to my website to buy products! URL: http://www.zhuoxue.org

2, get the Free report "eight ways to increase the customer one times", send an e-mail immediately obtained.

There is no doubt that the second one will raise your interest, and it is likely to send an email in the form of an operation to obtain information. In this way, we get the sales leads online.

Technique four: Soft article sale

For example, we want to sell a tomato peeling machine, we may send this message online:

"Free Report: Ten Ways to peel tomatoes"

"Free Report: How to Peel for 8.23 tomatoes in 10 minutes"

"Free article: The Secret of easy peeling of tomatoes"

Post these sales leads on a housewife-focused website and leave your emails for them to ask for. When you send them this information, you just have to simply put your own small advertisement on the material. Pay attention to the characteristics of soft marketing: When you provide people with valuable information, it is easy to buy your products to meet their needs.

Tip Five: Highlight: The most valuable asset on the web is email

If you are selling online, the most valuable asset is not traffic, but email. You can leave a sentence in the article: "Send an email to aaa@aaa.com, receive the latest article on online entrepreneurship." There will be some interested people to email you, if you can collect 100,000 such requests for e-mail, your online sales must be a great success. There is no point in simply attracting visitors, and the big ones are passing by, coming and going, with little people to keep in touch with you for a long time. But how many customers are hidden in 100,000 of emails?

Tip Six: Around "how quickly" writing

"How to quickly increase web traffic", "How to quickly do business through e-mail", "how quickly in 30 days to thin body." Relative to the general article, to "how quickly" as the theme of writing, the article Search volume, reading volume, reproduced copy volume effect is better.

Tip Seven: Make a website guide topic

A brief topic on some issues can be produced on the Web site, and the purpose of writing a soft text is to get more people to index and review the topic. such as "How to carry out e-commerce online." You first make a good topic, and then you can appear at the end: "Reference: ABC website how to carry out E-commerce topic, www.abc.com", "ABC website on how to carry out E-commerce on the internet has a very good establishment", "I accidentally read the ABC website of such a special topic, was greatly inspired." ”

Advantages: In addition to these topics easy to read, but also to get a lot of high-quality links. Links to promote the site is not necessarily only to promote the site's main website, you can also directly promote the site of the theme site, link effect will be greatly enhanced, and these special sites will be a large number of references, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, you may quote your topic content.

Tip Eight: Rapid production content

Does not necessarily specialize in writing articles, such writing speed is very slow, can be "digest", "brief comment" to make the article.

1, every day to pay attention to Baidu news, always grasp the latest hot topics, or pay attention to the search results in the relevant keywords, or around a knowledge of the content to do the targeted collection.

2. Make a digest of what you are interested in, or add your own brief comment at the end of the digest.

3. Distribute your "digest" and "brief comment" to the website and the Forum. Around a specific knowledge to do directional content collection, can also quickly build your website professional image and professional flow. For example, for credit card services, daily search related knowledge and dynamic, make abstracts, and then spread to other sites and forums, will be very popular, the benefit of the digest is to delete nonsense, water words, today's society is a love to eat fast food era, we do not like to read lengthy articles.

Tip nine: Quickly generate hot key content.

On the basis of skill eight, we can create special "abstracts" and "brief comments" around the latest hot events, hot topics or popular knowledge, which is very effective for increasing traffic.

For example: for round Ming Yuan national treasure, aircraft carrier.

In the future, any relevant information about the national treasures, or about China to build the hot topic of aircraft carrier, will be in a long period of time to become a search hotspot, people pay attention to these news, it will be from the search engine around to read this kind of knowledge and information.

Skill Ten: Joint soft Wen

Can be about a few masters, grouped into a writing group.

For example, "point stone interaction" has this feature, in addition to the establishment of writing groups, the formation of a communication brand, you can also set up a dedicated website, blog or forum, constantly from the forum to create new topics. Joint soft paper features: joint writing, mutual promotion, or mutual distribution. On the issue of distribution, the division of labor can be clear, each person to write an article, responsible for 35 sites and forums published, 10 authors, the spread of the article 10 times times.

Tip 11: Focus

The most important thing every day is not to keep looking at the amount of traffic. It's like working in a nine-to-five office, and every day in addition to commuting to work time card, you feel a whole day is blank. All things have fruit, whether the site to increase the flow is not important, it is important that we have done how much effort, has written how many articles, has been to promote a lot of effort, so the strength to focus on the problem of writing itself. However, our webmaster, but like too many contingency, such as an article accidentally reproduced more, bring a lot of traffic, such as accidental an important site on your article, webmaster are too concerned about this accidental, every day in the passive. In fact, as long as you work hard to write a good article, everything is inevitable.

Tip 12: Looks like an expert?

Whether you are an expert or just a beginner in a field of knowledge. In writing articles, it is necessary to consult more relevant knowledge, learn more, you write the article, must be as far as possible to make people feel that you are the expert in that field.

Tip 13: Mutual indexing

The articles are not usually single, but are intended to be connected in tandem. For example: We will have more tips on writing at the end of the article:

How to improve your writing skills

Three Tips for persuasive articles

With this link, we draw the reader to the other relevant content you write and let him read it.

Tip 14: Arrange the old text regularly

Every once in a while, we will index the old articles and put them back.

such as: How to open a company

Choose the right business structure:

You should be registered as a wholly-owned enterprise, partnership, or other form of company, various types of companies have what characteristics, how do you register?

How to find start-up funds:

When starting a company, you need a certain amount of money, most entrepreneurs in the beginning of the company, it is impossible to obtain bank loans or subsidies, the need for seed money, can only come from personal savings, through the loan from friends, family, or other means such as barter.

Through this index, the old article is sorted out, and the link is added to make it work again.

Tip 15: What kind of information do you like to collect?

Most people who like to learn, usually like to collect some information. To write good articles, there is no certain information is not possible, such as Li's article production is very high, his behind is hundreds of thousands of volumes of books, and Marx sat in the library every day, this is their high production secret.

There is no solid information to do the basis, not a lot of reading to do the basis, every day sitting in the fantasy, you are not write how many good articles.

For example, if you want to build a website about fishing, you should go to the bookstore to buy a lot of fishing books, go to the library to check the information, subscribe to all the possible fishing newspapers. You stay in the pile of books every day and you have a lot of articles to write about.

Tip 16: How to write soft text quickly

1, choose the topic you are interested in, for example, you like dogs.

2, try to narrow the subject, such as you have a lot of experience about sheepdog, write one.

3, write the title "Sheepdog is the best breed dog", this is the article "bait".

4, start writing articles, at least 3-5 "why", such as "The Wisdom of the Sheepdog"-"why it is smart."

5. Simple conclusion. "Obviously, the sheepdog is one of the best dogs." ”

Well, today our lecture is here temporarily, and then the time for free questioning, by the hadron repeat the order of questioning.

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