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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Many people think SEO has what inscrutable technology, otherwise, how can let the keyword in numerous websites stand out. In fact, this is misunderstood SEO. SEO is not a technology, because he has a lot of uncertainties. His approach is to cater to search engine algorithms and make websites and search engines friendlier. SEO Master and rookie difference, lies in SEO Master has a wealth of experience. know which ones violate the boundaries of search engines. which can be more friendly with search engines.

SEO is not difficult to do, it should be said that it is not difficult to do anything. The key is attitude. There is a good saying, the details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything. With a good attitude, it is not difficult to believe what to do. If you do SEO, can be simple SEO steps well, then his site rankings can also go up. For example, every day adhere to the update, every day adhere to do outside the chain (of course, this outside the chain is not to tell you to go around spamming links.) If the junk link is in danger of being punished.

Learning SEO Novice, in fact, has a certain advantage, where is the advantage? Learn SEO people, most of them see others will this, and can earn their own income, they want to make a point. Add some extra money. These people, often more time, can spend more time on this. and SEO master, because the single more, often can not concentrate on a station. So SEO novice, as long as the simple SEO steps, perseverance, the site to do up the rankings is not a problem, so, the novice, we work together to let themselves push the site forward.

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