Zhuo Tian Network build station box V3.0 new upgrade, easy to build station do not ask!

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Today's highly developed society, the trend of the Times; the website has become the general medium and small-sized enterprises most important propaganda, the display, the external contact window, but the self-service construction station system widespread popular, already is the trend, chooses a good construction station system to be able to build oneself a beautiful website completely, does not have to turn to others, At any time to update the site and management is very convenient and flexible, the most important thing is to save the high cost of construction and maintenance management costs.

Guangzhou Zhuo Tian Network construction station box Exbox Http://www.e000.com/design/?s=xue not only fully realize the visual editing function of the construction station system, the module is free to move function, complete product system, news system, recruiting, voting, online message, member system, online order, Multilingual version and so on, more original and flexible add shopping system. The shopping system eliminates the red tape program as long as the direct addition can be completed from the order, payment, delivery, harvest, purchase procedures are also done very simple easy to start, so that the overall feeling of customers is very good, so easy to attract new customers It can also increase the viscosity of old users. For many small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct E-commerce transactions is very practical.

Zhuo Tian Network construction station box V3.0 new upgrade, upgrade after the new features
Generate static Pages: News and products can choose to generate static pages, conducive to search engine search.

Member System: Increase member group, send member message and SMS, inquire member's order, payment record

Orders and financial systems: shopping carts, orders, payments, receipts, shipping settings

Member Control Center: Member Information View, order management, payment record

SMS System: Members send text messages, order reply SMS, product advice reply SMS, message reply message

Image watermark function: Upload pictures, upload pictures in bulk can add watermark

Administrator Rights Management: adding and assigning Administrator and Administrator permissions

AD system: Floating function, left side, right side, couplet, pop-up ad, etc.

Build Station box system with hundreds of sets of beautiful templates, and every day there are updates oh;

In addition, after the Upgrade Build station box Exbox more humane, to build stations such as playing QQ space, visual operation is very convenient. Enterprises to build a station in a very short period of time can be built a website. From all aspects of the construction of the box Exbox powerful and adapt to market demand.

Zhuo Tian Network construction station box Exbox new trial address: Http://www.e000.com/design/?s=xue
Free Self-Service construction Station System Consultation Hotline: 400-606-8850 Contact qq:1309929682

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