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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; We all know that the website is now the Social enterprise Network Marketing promotion of the important window and publicity means, in the market competition is fierce today, the role of the site more and more people pay more and more attention to, and the site construction of domain name registration is particularly important, the site is like a house, the domain name is the

Zhuo Day Network is the national famous virtual host and website construction service provider, providing free domain name registration, self-service construction station, free construction station and independent development of the domestic well-known intelligent building station system-build station box;

Zhuo Tian network domain name has a unique advantage; its first domestic ndns intelligent analytic system can be resolved to the best IP address according to the source IP address of the client. Because of our country's current situation, the telecommunication user opens the Netcom website very slowly, the Netcom user opens the telecommunication website very slowly, solves this question, Zhuo Tian Network initiative ndns domain name Intelligent resolution can effectively solve this problem:

Zhuo days Network exclusive support TXT record settings, domain name TXT record is a unique function of domain name management, mainly used in SPF anti-spam field, Zhuo Day network leading the country to launch the first domain TXT record settings, can effectively prevent e-mail addresses by the mail system as a spam treatment, Improve the ability of the post office to resist rubbish

Zhuo days network domain name to support the resolution of multiple subdomains, whether you set the level two or three and multi-level subdomain, as long as no more than the number of standard domain names, you can set any level of subdomain can effectively improve the use of domain names;

Zhuo Tian network domain name management fully support the Chinese subdomain; due to Chinese habits and hobbies, Chinese domain name is more and more attention and the rise of IE7 to make Chinese domain name completely unrestricted access, you can better according to their preferences to enter Chinese open the Web site, enjoy the convenience of the network to bring happiness;

    Zhuo Tian Network self-developed ndns system is a standard intelligent DNS management system, full support for a, CNAME, MX, URLs and other commonly used domain name resolution records, you can add, modify, delete these records at any time, all in your grasp!
Zhuo Tian network domain name registration details click: http://www.e000.com/domain/?=ying
Free Consultation Hotline: 400-606-8850  020-32735918 QQ : 1309929682

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