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Providing help to the user in a GUI way is an important feature of all applications. Our Message-box package is certainly doing poorly in providing help. This chapter will use the online Help pack for Zope 3 to change it. This does not require much Python programming, but it is a http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/17799.html "> Part of the development process.

This should be a very short chapter because there are only two tasks in this chapter. First you need to write a real help screen (you can use text, STX, ReST, or HTML) and simply register them. So let's correct it. Because Help is based on browser view, I like to place the directory where the Help files are located in the Messageboard/browser.

First create the file named Package_intro.rst and type the following:

1 ==========================
2 message Board Demo Package
3 ==========================
5 This package demos various features of the Zope 3 Framework. If You
6 have questions or concerns, please let me know.

Then the file, named Board_review.rst, contains the following:

1 This view lists all messages in the board that are pending for
2 publication. Each listed method was a link that brings
3 Message's "Workflow" view where you can initiate a transitions.

Finally, add the following text to the Msg_edit.rst file:

1 This screens allows to edit the "data" (i.e. the subject and body) of
2 the Message object.
4 Title-a One line Unicode text string that briefly describes the
5 Purpose/subject of the message.
7 body-a ListBox line Unicode text string, is the actual content of
8 the message. It is accepting HTML, but restricts the user to a
9 Couple of selected tags. Feel free to type anything your cytopathic.

Note that I have not set a title for the text itself. I will define it in the configuration and it will appear as the head of the Web site, so there is no need to set a different caption.

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