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For the first time, ZTE proposed the Pre 5G concept and sparked heated debate

Type: Chang Shanggao Author: ZTE Time: 2014-07-01 15:12:13

At a recent 5G Summit, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1473.html "> ZTE's CTO made a speech entitled" Identify the details that impact 5G " Pre5G once proposed on the concept, triggering industry hot.

As a first-line manufacturer of 4G industry, ZTE understands 5G technology and finds that some technologies in 5G can be directly applied to 4G in certain scenarios. Even the technology that does not require changing the air interface can be directly adopted by 4G Terminal can be achieved. This allows users to get early effect similar to 5G experience.

Taking Massive MIMO technology in 5G as an example, Massive MIMO improves the number of antenna ports from the traditional 2 or 8 to more than 100. In order to enable the system to know the change state of hundreds of spatial channels in time and to perform large-scale precoding accordingly, in the air interface standard, the original reference code such as CSI-RS needs to be modified on the downlink, and At the receiving end of the UE, all channels need to be estimated, and hundreds of PMI information are fed back on the new air interface. The study found that TDD mode, the uplink and downlink symmetry can be used to predict the downlink channel through the uplink channel prediction. Even without increasing the feedback channel at all, its performance is even higher than the direct feedback mode, because the fast channel estimation is more accurate and real-time than air interface messaging.

Another example is cross-station interference cancellation in UDN, which can completely achieve good interference suppression based on the mature and commercial Cloud Radio architecture of 4G in ZTE, the local dynamic mesh network, and the on / off technology of R12. This makes it possible to deploy a dense overlay network between 4G small cells and 5G UDNs.

In the meantime, ZTE invested heavily in developing 4G vector processor chips a few years ago. Since the chip platform has a flexible software extension architecture and superior processing capability, the hardware can be unchanged and the instruction set can be simply adjusted Pre 5G to meet the requirements.

According to the above characteristics of Pre-5G, the difference between Pre-5G and 4G + and 5G can be clearly defined. The performance of the Pre-5G is clearly beyond the definition of 4G +, but it obviously does not need to rely on the standard definition of 5G, which can be achieved only based on standard 4G. So even if the Pre-5G phase does not appear in the standard, a Pre-5G phase between 4G + and 5G will appear on the implementation level.

After ZTE proposed the concept of Pre 5G, it caused widespread publicity in the industry. Before the industry generally questioned the "5G in the end is what?", "5G will not come until 2020, then the next six years how to do? 4G + can support 6 years?" The industry believes that the concept of Pre5G ZTE from a new perspective Answering this question.

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