Zuckerberg: Within 11 days, Lightning decided to buy WhatsApp

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February 20 News, according to foreign media reports, Facebook announced today that the company will be in cash plus stock, the price of 16 billion U.S. dollars to buy short message application WhatsApp. After the announcement, Facebook convened a conference call to brief the deal and answer questions from analysts. The entire conference call is 30 minutes long. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief financial officer, David Ebersman, and WhatsApp chief executive Jean-David Ibbosman in a teleconference. The following is a summary of the conference call question: 7:14 Eastern Time: Keith Singna analyst Keith Siegner asked if any other company had bid for WhatsApp or that two companies had been negotiating privately? In addition, two companies will look at future collaboration. Mark Zuckerberg's response did not indicate that the deal had been attended by other bidders. He said he knew the founder of WhatsApp and had worked together for some time. The deal is more like a hit. Mr Zuckerberg says Qom has been a thoughtful partner in recent years. The two were probably the first to talk about acquisitions 11 days ago, in the evening of Sunday. Zuckerberg reiterated his belief that WhatsApp would clearly have 1 billion users. Companies with 1 billion of users are very valuable. ' I personally think that the right way to get revenue from short message services is not advertising, ' Mr. Zuckerberg said. Qom agreed. Earning income is not our top priority, Qom said. We are concerned about growth. He said he was looking at things 10-15 years later. Zuckerberg says he wants people to govern by running different businesses in the company. This, he says, is the standard setting for our operational architecture .... I'm satisfied with the status quo. Zuckerberg pointed out that the company's standard operating process is to give up application and sub business, which is why the WhatsApp team can continue to operate independently. WhatsApp has accumulated 450 million users in 5 years, before anyone in the world has ever done that, Zuckerberg said. 7:26 Eastern Time: What is the ratio of paid active users to non paid active users, analysts ask? We are not going to discuss this issue today. 7:28 Eastern Time: Youssef Squali, an analyst at investment bank Jeffrey Joseph Scauli, asked how the price of the purchase was calculated. David Ebersman, chief financial officer at Facebook, says it depends on the health of the (David Ibbosman) network and how it grows. Ibbosman said that the number of short messages on the WhatsApp is close to the size of the global mobile phone message delivery. In Europe, Latin America, India and Asia, WhatsApp is a undisputed industry leader, says Mr Zuckerberg. He said that in the team into the Xin Shifield, you need to pay special attention to speed and reliability.
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