Android automatically updates the software version

Import java. io. File; Import java. io. FileOutputStream; Import java. io. IOException; Import java. io. InputStream; Import HttpURLConnection; Import MalformedURLException; Import URL; Import android. app. AlertDialog;

Summary of Android exit Methods

The following is a summary of several methods to exit the program in Android. For more information, see. The Android program has A lot of activities, such as the main window A, and calls the sub-window B. If you finish () directly in B, the next

In-depth analysis of EditText attributes

The following is a detailed analysis of the EditText attribute in android. For more information, see EditText inherits TextView, so EditText has TextView attributes. The following describes the attributes of some EditText-specific input

Android draws and saves the specific implementation code of the image

This article introduces an example of drawing and saving images in Android. The following is a specific implementation method. If you need it, refer to it. Canvas is a Canvas. You can create a blank Canvas and create a new Canvas object without

Android restrictions on Automatic startup

When talking about how to enable auto-start of a program, I think most of my friends will think that a piece of cake is not just registering a BOOT_COMPLETED message! Add a receiver in AndroidManifest. xml, as shown in the following figure: However,

Android determines the network status

Android determines the network status. In the Android operating system, how can we correctly determine whether the network we connect is disconnected? Today, we will make a detailed analysis on this application technique. Public class

ASP-Based Access Database Security Policy

This is a professional but safe practice. It is also a popular practice. However, many people only make half of the work, but change the data name to ASP, in this case, you can directly download the database using a download tool such as FlashGet.

How to install an android simulator on a computer

Install the Android phone simulator on a PC and test the mobile client running the eworkflow workflow management system. 1. Download the Android 4.0.4 SDK package A. Download the Android SDK starter package Http://

Android quick uninstall third-party applications

1. required permissions:2. Obtain all applicationsPublic List getAllPagckage (Context context){PackageManager pm = context. getPackageManager (); Intent mainIntent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_MAIN, null );MainIntent. addCategory (Intent.

Intent and IntentFilter

Intent is used to start three components: Activity, Service, and BroadcastReceiver. It is also an important medium for communication between components. Advantages of using Intent to start Components 1. Intent provides a consistent programming model

Android-use AIDL for inter-process communication

Although the communication between the client and the service can be implemented through Ibinder, you need to share the business implementation. If the haunted communication between processes needs to be performed using AIDL (Android Interface

Android screen brightness adjustment

SeekBar seekBar = (SeekBar) findViewById (R. id. seekBar ); // The maximum brightness of the progress bar. The value 255 indicates the maximum brightness.SeekBar. setMax (255 );// Obtain the current brightnessInt normal = Settings. System. getInt

Android puts TabHost at the bottom to display

Layout file: Code area: package;import;import

Android updates Preference UI display

After editing the data settings of a preference sub Preference and modifying outPrefs in the sub, the returned result shows that out Prefs has not changed. How to update in real time? PreferenceScreen usersListScreen =... UserScreenListAdapter =

How to Use the appt command in android to detect Apk Information

The procedure is as follows: 1. Export unsigned apk -----------> Eclipse Android Tools> Export Unsigned Application Package -----> FishEye.apk 2. Run the appt command ------------> E: androidandroid-sdkplatform-tools to add the Path system variable.

Android anti-sleep

During Android development, sometimes the system cannot be sleep when the program is running. Otherwise, some operations will stop. Therefore, we need to set disable sleep in two ways: one is to add permissions, and the other is to set in the code.

10 key points for improving Android Application Development Performance

Although Android smartphones and tablets are faster than a day, developers must remember that their applications are still running in a resource-intensive environment, this environment relies primarily on batteries and processors that are unmatched

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