Aliyun Linux to move Web content from system disk to data disk method

At the beginning of a look, thought difficult, after all, did not operate, and then walked a lie, feeling that it is the case. Aliyun The IO performance difference between the system disk and the data disk The tribe searched the

A detailed explanation of the use of Linux server/dev/shm/

First let's get to know, what is Tmpfs and/dev/shm/? TMPFS is a memory-based file system on the Linux/unix system. TMPFS can use your memory or swap partitions to store files. This shows that TMPFS mainly stores the temporary files. It has the

Linux Create Xshell key binding Digitalocean account solve root password mailbox collection problem

Although the Digitalocean merchants do not have the Asian data center that we desperately need (the Singapore is not too good), but from the old left contact to the user, as well as the current I also have the machine on the above look, stability is

Iptables encounters iptables:protocol wrong type for socket in Linux

To Linode VPS CentOS 6.4 iptables Add a rule that limits the number of IP connections to no more than 100:Iptables-a input-p TCP--syn--dport 80-m connlimit--connlimit-above 100-j REJECT Error occurred: Iptables:protocol wrong type for socket.

commands for viewing and modifying file times in Linux

There are three main types of file time under Linux: 1.1 Modification Time (mtime) File modification time, that is, when the contents of the file changes, update this time, does not include file permissions and property modification. Using Ls-l

Linux Bulk Delete. SVN directory commands


In a Linux system, you can easily delete a batch with a single command. SVN folder Shell Code The code is as follows Copy Code Find. -name. Svn-type d-exec rm-fr {}; Use shell command to delete. SVN directory

Linux directory details Linux directory structure detailed analysis _unix Linux

The root file system should generally be relatively small, since including strict files and a small infrequently changing file system is not susceptible to damage. A corrupted root file system generally means that the risk should not be taken unless

Look at the 10 Habits of Unix Masters 1th/2 page _unix Linux

Introduction When you use a system frequently, you tend to get stuck in some sort of fixed usage pattern. Sometimes, you don't get into the habit of doing things in the best way possible. Sometimes, your bad habits can even lead to confusion. One

Linux learning materials Download (e-book) _unix Linux


Linux Basic tutorial (total two attachments, download complete) First Download Address: Ftp://ftp_hllinux:123456@ (please download later) Second Download address:

Linux tcpdump command Usage detailed resolution _unix Linux

The English original intention is the dump traffic on a network, namely intercepts the network the datagram, may intercept the different datagram according to the specified network interface . It outputs a description of the content of the report

Linux Administrator Handbook (7) _unix Linux

This chapter explains how to generate new user accounts, how to modify the properties of accounts, and how to delete accounts. Different Linux systems have different tools to implement. What is an account? When a computer is used by multiple people,

Linux file system desktop applications _unix Linux

This article introduces a so-called "patron saint of Linux file Systems", which is a program module that can observe the changes in the Linux file system in real time. It is very interesting and important to be able to observe the changes of the

Change Linux default security level _unix Linux with lkm

The Linux default security level is 0, and if you raise it to 1, you can improve the security of the system to some extent. Security level When 1, it disables the modification of the immutable and append-only bits of the files in the EX2FS system,

Managing Linux servers _unix Linux via COM ports

This paper briefly introduces how to extend the console of Linux server through the common COM port, which is practical and simple, not limited by the server network, and can easily manage the Linux server in the actual production environment. When

Which is the applicable desktop operating system? _unix Linux

Many people are wondering, what does windows have? is not an operating system, plus a few office automation tools, plus browsers, email clients and some games. So, Linux can easily replace it. Is that right? I'm afraid it's not that simple.

How to use the Flock Control program's asynchronous execution _unix Linux in Linux

Recently I often need to SSH to several computers at the same time to do a lot of work that needs to wait and can be done at the same time. For example: 1. Let the remote computer update the kit at the same time 2. Simultaneous transfer of small

How to record your terminal operation and playback on Linux _unix Linux

Objective Let's say you're a reliable man, and whenever your friends and family are having problems with Linux, it's always the first time you ask for help. Someone will ask you how to install and configure a tool, and then you want to tell the

Perfect introduction to Linux environment variables and partial command _unix Linux

Introduction to Linux environment variables Environment variables: The bash shell uses an attribute called "Environment variable (environment variables)" To store information about the shell session and the working environment, which allows you to

Linux compilation install VSFTPD server (local user authentication) _FTP server

Linux vsftpd Compile installation and configuration allows local users to log on to FTP 1, download vsftpd source wget 2, compile vsftpd source codeThe cp/lib64/

A brief introduction to the strings command in Linux _linux

In Linux under the software development of friends, few do not know strings command. Let's take a look at man strings first: Prints the printable characters in the file. Let me add, this file can be a text file (test.c), executable

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