Android Open source project weekly 1227

The third phase of the Android open source project, produced by Opendigg. Our Android Open source Weekly is a collection of Opendigg's new open source projects for Android development in a week to make it easy for Android developers to find the

Packaged instances of touch events in JavaScript mobile device web development

On touch-screen devices, some of the more basic gestures require a two-time package of touch events to implement.Zepto is a class library with a higher usage rate on the mobile side, but there are some compatibility issues with some of the events

Android uses include in Layout xml

In the Android layout style definition, you can use the XML file for easy implementation, sometimes for the reuse of modules, the include tag can be used to achieve this purpose. For example:The description of the official website for Android

"How to quickly develop a complete iOS Live App" (play article)

ObjectiveBefore reading this article, if you don't know how to live, check out the previous article on how to quickly develop a complete iOS Live App (rationale)Development of a live app, integrated ijkplayer success, even if the completion of the

JavaScript's apply () method and the call () method

1 Analysis: Person.apply (this,arguments);This: In the creation of the object at this time represents the studentArguments: is an array, i.e. ["Qian", "21", "first grade"];That is, the popular point is: Use student to execute the contents of the

(a) half an hour to develop an app

"Preface" What Is HPP?Hybirdapp for short, details see: hpp--Let all small and medium-sized enterprises have their own appsThe plain thing is to use HTML+CSS+JS to develop apps, including iOS and Android versions.HbuilderMore specific implementation

The use of. NET Core Tools After moving from Project.json to MSBuild-based projects

. NET Core deprecated Project.json starting with preview 4You can download the latest version from this: HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/DOTNET/CLIThe new. NET core project with VS2017 RC has moved from Project.json to MSBuildOpen vs2017, create a new. NET Core

React-native study notes--first install APK to Xiaomi 5 error

This article refers directly to the great God Document:"Windows environment React native" to establish session white screen problem resolutionDetails:Today, can be calculated to change the name of the bug.

Docker host upgraded to version 4.9 kernel with OVERLAYFS instead of Devicemapper

The Docker version is 1.9.1 because several machines have not been updated for a long time before the Docker system was run. The Docker storage driver used is devicemapper. This time need to update the Docker management platform, simply will also

iOS development supports HTTPS requests and SSL certificate configuration (RPM)

Original address: we all know, Apple has made a statement, starting from 2017, will block HTTP resources, strong push HTTPSLandlord just recently will be http to HTTPS, to have not hands-on friends to share one

IOS duplicate symbol variable in class name error

The error message is that I declared the public variable in an. h file and then reused it in other classes.Build Settings->no Common blocks The default is yes, the compiler has an error, you need to modify the build Settings no Common blocks.What is

QR Code (Android)

We all know that the average two microcode is displayed in a variety of forms, some login, some pages, in fact, the QR code is just a string. Here we have a question that the QR code is so judged to be a website or login function?In fact, these

Workarounds for Hibernate org.hibernate.MappingException:entity class not found

When the hibernate version is above 5.0, an exception occursOrg.hibernate.MappingException:entity Class not found:If you are sure that the configuration and code are correct, try adding a single line of code to resolve:Configuration configuration =

iOS Open source project weekly 1222

The second issue of the iOS Open Source project Weekly was released by Opendigg. Our iOS Open source Weekly is a collection of high-quality iOS development open-source projects in the Opendigg week, which makes it easy for iOS developers to find the

NET Qin Q3 financial results present new posture Old driver exerting force mobile entertainment unexpectedly become net red

Wen/Zhang ShuleRecently, the Net Qin announced the third quarter as of September 30, 2016 unaudited financial results. Mobile value-added services increased by 74.6% to $54.9 million a year to become the net Qinying contribution to the largest plate.

Android in Launchmode detailed

The more time to do, the basic knowledge will forget the more clean, recently done a project, found that the activation of a few activities actually overlap, I ri~~, do not recall the Android industry will quit.Conceptual Interpretation TaskTask is

Android Image code compression (effect is simply exploding)

Words do not say much, directly on the code, the main function directly godless two methods in, copy and paste can //image compression for aspect ratios Public Static intcalculateinsamplesize (bitmapfactory.options

Mobile-Resilient Layout--flex

Currently,flex layouts make it easy, complete, and responsive to implement a variety of page layouts. Moreover, it has been supported by all browsers, which means that we can use this feature very safely.If you're interested in flexible page layouts,

HTML5 form Pattern property with regular authentication phone and mobile number

Regular expressions (including mobile phone number, 3-4-digit area code, 7-8-digit live number, 1-4 poorly transposition number) 1 ((\d{11})|^((\d{7,8})|(\d{4}|\d{3})-(\d{7,8})|(\d{4}|\d{3})-(\d{7,8})-(\d{4}|\d{3}|\d{2}|\d{1})|(\

An analysis of Android windows

first, the concept of windows in the development process, we often encounter, a variety of window-related classes, or METHODS. But what exactly is a window in Android's frame design? What is the relationship between Windows and the window class in

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