iOS common third-party open source class library


1, afnetworkingAfnetworking uses the Nsurlconnection + nsoperation, the main convenience and the service side API data exchange, the operation is simple, the function is powerful, now many people use it to replace ASIHTTPRequest2. Apple

iOS Interview Basics Issues

Transfer from Http:// interviewword 2396 Read 2097 comments 4 likes 1, #import和 The difference of # include, what @class represent?@class is commonly used in header files to declare an instance variable of the

"Android Application Development technology: User Interface" interface navigation design

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: One of the first steps in designing and developing an app is deciding what users can see and do in

Android makes the mobile phone photo function development (source sharing)

Android calls the phone camera function there are two ways to call the phone directly with the camera and one is to watch your own beats.Example Camera360 powerful one in each operating system has a mobile phone photography software; You can capture

bmob-Mobile back-end cloud service platform

For individuals or small teams, it is not easy to develop a network-enabled game, and a server development language such as java/.net/php must be mastered.Bmob Cloud Service facilitates the developer. Bmob can quickly add a secure and flexible

Android solves some phones cannot get to the album path by URI

/** * Get file path by Uri * * @param imageuri * @return Path * * Private String GetPath (Uri Imageuri) { if (Imageuri = = null) return null; if (Android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES. KITKAT &&

19 Useful Android Development tools

This article brings 19 useful Android Development tools for everyone, hoping to help the vast majority of Android developers.1, xappdbgXAPPDBG is an application development tool that can change the parameters in the code in the run. This tool can

Intent detailed in Android

Objective:Each application has a number of activity components, each of which is a window into which the application interacts with the user and presents a different interactive interface. Because each acticity task is different, it often jumps

Android UI Layout Experience Summary

1. Guidelines for drawing the UICan contributors Jane, can use a control to fix things, do not use multiple controls.Can be pumped, you can extract the properties of reuse or layout to extract.3. Resources in Android projects, resources are placed

Custom app icons and real-computer tests for IOS 9 app development Tutorials

Custom app icons and real-computer tests for IOS 9 app development TutorialsCustomizing the iOS9 application iconin the figure 1.12 The icon in the application can be seen as a mesh white image, which is IOS The default icon for the application on

ios--Multi-thread GCD


GCD first, Brief introduction 1. What is GCD? The full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler" Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functions Advantages of 2.GCD GCD is Apple's

What skill base do we need to develop Android?

What skill bases we need to develop Android. (Android Daniel Please bypass this paragraph)①java Basic Knowledge ②linux basic knowledge ③ Database Fundamentals ④ Network protocol ⑤android Fundamentals ⑥ Server-side development knowledge①java Basic

Android SDK offline Download installation

Due to the domestic network environment, downloading the Android SDK offline may be more convenientMethod One, the offline download package through the Thunderbolt download, and then unzip, respectively, placed under the corresponding SDK folder,

iOS multithreaded--nsoperation


Nsoperation is a set of multithreaded implementations based on GCD, and like GCD, the life cycle of a thread is managed automatically by the system, without having the programmer manage it manually like Nsthread and Pthread. Compared to GCD, it is

How to use CWinApp::OnIdle

Virtual BOOL OnIdle (LONG lCount);Return value: Returns a value other than 0 if you want to receive more idle processing time, or 0 if no more idle time is required.Parameters: LCount This parameter is a count value that

log4j study "23" Common Appender Socketappender

The previous appender are the file system-based Appender provided by LOG4J. Of course, in some special appender that need to be documented, we just need to choose a suitable appender to inherit and complete our own logic. About customizing Appender,

Android Development Chat Room

The purpose of this case is to develop a simple chat room function, all the code is I debug the changes can be used normally, the main function is to use multithreading technology by the server to receive client requests, and then send the chat

Singleton and Android

Singleton (Singleton)One, What is a singleton modeSingleton mode. The simple point is to design a class to have at most one instance at any time, and provide a global access point to the instance.Second, Why single CaseIn very many places in the

Small white Study Development (IOS) OC_ Manual memory Management (2015-08-02)

//Main.mManual memory Management//Created by admin on 15/8/3.Copyright (c) 2015 admin. All rights reserved.//#import #import "Person.h"int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {/*When we create an object:1. Allocating memory space, storing objects2.

PHP collects information from Windows apps

/isu" , $content, $match)) {$d [] = $match [1]; $PFN = $match [1]; echo "pfn:". $pfn. " \ n ";} else {echo ' pfn error: ', $url, ' \ n '; Exit ();} New Urlif (preg_match ('/\[url: (. *) \]/is ', $content, $match)) {$newurl = $match [1];echo

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