Android adds a cipher in the dial-up and calculator to launch the specified app

For example, enter *#* #55555 #*#* in the Dial-up panel to launch an app with no icon, with the package name and class name com.zms.test/. MainEnter 55555 in the calculator and press = To start the application as well. This can be done in the

JNI for Android Development invoke local C library topic (i): Use of JNI

JNI, a technique used to develop a local C function library. A bridge for linking Java and C or C + + languages. In the development of some Android projects, we need to use this technology. Then the nonsense is not much to say, get into the

Android Paint and Color class painting instances

To draw, you have to adjust the brush first, and then draw the image onto the canvas after the brush is adjusted so that it can be displayed on the phone screen. The brush in Android is the paint class, and the paint contains many ways to set its

IOS Certificate and Signature FAQ

 IOS Certificate and Signature FAQCategory: IPhone2012-06-06 19:57 9426 people read reviews (1) favorite reports Iosxcodecryptographyappleiphone TestDirectory (?) [+]Tutorial:Here is an article from a full-time iOS developer in Melbourne,

Introduction of mobile phone technology (metal article)

With the improvement of consumer aesthetic standards, as well as the rapid development of mobile phone technology, in order to enrich the appearance of mobile phone color collocation and enhance the expression of texture, more and more various types

IOS Local push

1 How to generate a local pushUilocalnotification *localnotification = [[Uilocalnotification alloc]init];//When receiving notification, the audio file playedLocalnotification.soundname = @ "Shake.wav";//Notification send

iOS development-The underlying article-class detailed

iOS development language Objective-c, its true face is that it is not a true object-oriented language, and abstract understanding of it. In fact, it is c+, there is a formula can be very good interpretation that isOC = C + Runtime; Next we'll talk

Android Surfaceview take you to play flabby bird (on)

Reprint please indicate the source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang Blog" 1, overviewHa, remember previously written Android Surfaceview to build the lottery turntable, the same belongs

Introduction and generation of secret keys for Android directory

All resource global indexes in the project are stored in the R.javaBin to store compiled filesAsserts store the files that need to be released to the phoneLibs Storage directory for third-party libraries-----------------------------------------------

Android Handler and Looper

After reading so many articles, I finally read it.References: "1" Android Developer Handler "2"handler role in Android"3" Android Thread Looper Handler relationship "4" Android message processing mechanism (figure + source

How mobile phones are positioned

GPS: triangle positioning, positioning accuracy, the minimum accuracy of about 15 meters, shortcomings--positioning speed slow, boot time long base station: the use of triangular positioning method, positioning fast, low positioning accuracy of 30

Get the APK Info tool (Android SDK Aapt tool)

The AAPT command is a tool in the Android SDK that is powerful, such as getting the APK package information on the Windows platform.Use this tool to prepare the condition, that is, the way to get the Aapt.exe file (2 1 can be selected):

Session management between the client (iOS and Android) and the server (sessions and cookies)

Project Prerequisites:The Client Access server interface needs to carry the access_token generated according to username and password,That is, to access all (except for the Access_token interface) to carry the Access_token,The server side through

[IOS Multithreading & Networking-1.2]-multithreaded GCD


A.GCD Basic Use Concept of 1.GCDWhat is GCDThe full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler"Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functionsAdvantages of GCDGCD is Apple's solution for multi-core parallel

Android effectively solves the problem of memory overflow when loading large images. not to use Setimagebitmap or Setimageresource or Bitmapfactory.decoderesource to set a larger picture,Because these functions are finished decode, they end up with the Java layer's

My Android Case-sign-in Calendar

2015 Android Case tour case eight: Registration calendar knowledge Points: Use of the GridView Use of SQLite Documents involved: Res->layout->activity_main.xml Main layout file Res->layout->date.xml Layout file

VNC uses mobile app to control your PC

Use VNC to operate a remote device, such as a home computer. Equipment in hazardous areas.The above several blog is to realize this function.First computer-side1, first, we need to be able to properly through the system to bring the Remote Desktop

iOS multi-image upload

began to learn Objc20 many days, recently in a lot of file upload, found some code on the Internet, just a single file, tossing for two days, and finally changed into a multi-file upload.Xcode 6.1IOS 8.0 Test SucceededI hope other people don't take

"Flume" from the portal application to analyze how Flume's source and sink interact with the channel.

When you start flume, you can see the flume start-up entry in the command you entered.[[Email protected] apache-flume-1.5.2-bin]# sh bin/flume-ng agent-c conf-f conf/server.conf-n a1info:sourcing environm ENT configuration

Android Exception Capture

When users use the app, if the app suddenly quits without warning, there's no message. I think it's the worst kind of user experience, and if it's my guess, just uninstall the app. Therefore, as an Android developer, there must be a process for this

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