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Android database: Direct access to MySQL via JDBC

An article about accessing the local MySQL database through JDBC, yesterday after learning JDBC to access the local database, I thought, how can I access the database remotely, Really make it a

COCOS2DX using Iconv transcoding (win32,ios,android)

First put the environment: Win7, NDK r8e, libiconv-1.14, CygwinA WIN32 environment configuration cocos2d-x from the Iconv Library with Win32, only need to be configured to use.1 Introduction to header file properties, Configuration Properties->c/c++-

Conversion of the time format for iOS development

When developing iOS programs, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the time format to the format you want, which we can do with the NSDateFormatter class.For example: How to convert the time format "12-may-14 PM" to "2014/05/12 5:08:02

Android developed three ways to get rid of the title bar and recommend a third

Android: Three ways to get rid of title bar and three ways to fullscreenThe first type: A method commonly used when getting startedAdd the following code to the OnCreate function:Requestwindowfeature (window.feature_no_title);//Remove the title

Introduction to NDK configuration file

Brief mainly describes how C or C + + files are used in the NDK project, which mainly describes the building rules of ANDROID.MKOverview The file describes how your source code is built, mainly including:

DF Flag and string move instruction (MOVSB/MOVSW)

1.10th bit DF of the flag register, direction sign bit. In the string processing instruction, control the increment and decrement of si,di after each operationDf=0, after each operation, Si, di addDf=1, after each operation, Si, di decreasesWe are

4 ways to persist iOS data

9.1 Overview of data persistence 9.2 iOS Application directory structure 9.3 List of Read and write properties 9.4 Object Archiving 9.5 Visit SQLite 9.1 Overview of data persistenceThere are four ways to persist data in iOS:

Android development Environment Build (Windows OS) supplement

These days to build an Android development environment, but also want to play Android development. In the query Csdn,cnblog, the video site finally set up the development environment, found that all the guidance is more discrete, such as some only

Cacti+nagios Monitoring platform for Perfect integration

Recently there are many students on nagios and cacti integration is very tangled, close-up this article for your reference, to solve everyone in nagios and cacti integration process encountered problems.One, cacti installation deploymentAs a Linux

Common syntax in ANDROID.MK compiled files are used to describe your c,c++ source code files to the Android NDK, and today check out some common syntax.An overview: A file is used to describe your source code to the compilation system.Specifically: This

Android Server Query database operation

============ Problem Description ============Implement the user login function, get the user's name (username) and password (password) in the mobile client, and then query the user on the server side, how should the query statement be written?

Android Phone Time zone update

In the Nitz test, the first need to determine the correct state code or not, if the country code is set to the correct, then in the time zone update,You will not get the time zone from Nitz for updates. So when it comes to testing, the time zone

Confuse code with Android Proguard

Reference Document: reprinted from: creating a project in a new version of ADT, the mixed files are no longer proguard.cfg, but

Three easy ways to "iOS Dev-75" ios data storage: plist, preference, and nscoding storage objects

In the actual development, the storage data is mainly using SQLite. In practice, we mainly use the following three kinds of storage methods.(1) using plist storage to simply NSString, Nsarray, nsdictionary, etc.(2) Using preference storage, similar

Research on the structure of iOS sandbox

Running an iOS program in the emulator creates a sandbox (sandbox) for the program. First of all, the system I'm using is Max OS X 10.7.3, and the compiler is Xcode 4.3.2. To find the sandbox directory, run the Finder first, then find the go-to

The change of system positioning in iOS8

Cllocationmanager This system positioning class before iOS8 to achieve positioning, only need to comply with Cllocationmanagerdelegate this agent can:-(void) startlocate{if ([Cllocationmanager locationservicesenabled]) {_locmanager =

iOS Development UI Chapter-uiwindow Brief Introduction

iOS Development UI Chapter-uiwindow Brief IntroductionFirst, Brief introductionUIWindow is a special kind of uiview that usually has only one uiwindow in an app.After the iOS program starts, the first view control created is UIWindow, then the

Android virtual machine shortcut keys

Why this trouble, the direct use of shortcut keys on the line, you use the mouse point to point to how to use the shortcut keys come fast: a quick key:Home key (small house key)It's good to remember that the home key is mapped on the keyboard.Menu

Android simple App (ii)--use dispatchkeyevent double exit program

The key operation of the Android system is first processed in Dispatchkeyevent, then onkeydown (int keycode, keyevent event) and onkeyup (int keycode, keyevent Event).In the same vein, touch operations are processed first in dispatchtouchevent and

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