Android Programming FAQ-Resource ID #0x7f070001 type #0x12 is not valid

Problem Description:Androidruntime (1705): java.lang.RuntimeException:Unable to start activity componentinfo{com.example.activitytest/ Com.example.activitytest.SecondActivity}: Android.content.res.resources$notfoundexception: Resource ID # 0X7F070001

Develop mobile app and server-side session state management and interaction

When we are doing web development, we usually use cookies or session to save the user's login status, verify whether the user has access to some pages that need to log in by checking the cookie or session data, this is done through the browser, this

Android-async-http asynchttpclient Introduction

in Android development, it's so common to send and process HTTP requests that our code is littered with httpclient and the associated, smelly, long code . they exist in every corner of your code, and each time you see it is disgusting, and you just

Call function and apply in JavaScript

The call method in JavaScript enables the current object to invoke the method of another object, that is, to change the point of this1 varFirst_object = {2Num:423 };4 varSecond_object = {5Num:246 };7 functionMultiply (mult) {8 return This. Num

"Side do project side learn Android" mobile Security Defender 03: Get updated server configuration, Show update dialog box

Configure the application to display the name and icon-androidmanifest.xml on the phone desktop: "icons displayed in the Program management list" ① android:label= "@string/app_name" android:theme= "@style/apptheme" > "icon5 icon on desktop

Android Client uses HttpClient to initiate web data access

httpclient interacts with server data: HttpPost and HttpGet correspond to post and get submissions, respectively. Because to do the Android client's sake, it is necessary to implement the client and the server to achieve data interaction, to ensure

Android Monkey Test

Monkey testing the use of 1--monkeyOriginal address: from watercress, copyright belongs to watercress and Douban friends, if offended please forgive and contact us)Use of MonkeyFirst, what is

Android first 10-bit match, if not match, then replace 7-bit match

If some overseas demand, for number match number of digits, need first 10 bit match, if cannot match, then replace 7 bit matchExamples of specific situations:Case 1:If you have saved: a:04165191666, b:5191666, the call number is: 04165191666Because

Android beat, non-encrypted app will die

My topic is a bit of attention, and of course there are spray uneven people think I am alarmist, then listen to what I say is not so little truth. The app in the title excludes the niche developers who just want to push ads on the app, but these

Android location and map development examples

In the development of Android, maps and positioning are the indispensable content of many software, these features also bring a lot of convenience to people.First introduce the main classes in the map package:Mapcontroller: Main control map Movement,

Talking about the Android market environment, the unencrypted app will die

My topic is a bit of attention, and of course there are spray uneven people think I am alarmist, then listen to what I say is not so little truth.The app in the title excludes the niche developers who just want to push ads on the app, but these

Android Development parsing XML and achieving three-level linkage effect

Please respect other people's labor results, reproduced please specify the Source: Android Development of parsing XML and achieve three-level linkage effectThis example mainly applies xmlpullparser to parse the provinces and cities in the XML

"iOS Development Daily Small notes (11)" IOS8 update Left "pit" nsattributedstring set underline Nsunderlinestyleattributename property must be NSNumber

This article is a piece of my "iOS development Daily Small Notes" series, which is recorded in the development work today, can be explained with a short article or a small demo demo small tips. They may give the user experience, the code efficiency

IOS: Knowledge Point Brief answer

1. What is the difference between heap and stack?A: For the stack, is automatically managed by the compiler, without our manual control, for the heap, release work by the programmer control, easy to produce memory leak.2. What is the difference

Android broadcasts a broadcast in the broadcast receiver Broadcastreceiver, causing the current broadcast receiver to continually loop through the problem

Recently in the company processing projects, using the lock screen status popup activity to prompt, similar to QQ message popup function. When used, if the popup activity is already located outside the lock screen, will not play the window again,

Android JB version How to update time zone data file

In the Android JB version, the System/usr/share/zoneinfo directory Zoneinfo related 3 files are data files that are used to store time zone information for each country and region city. Since the time zone information in each country will change,

The difference between frame and bounds of IOS view, setbounds use (delve into)

Foreword: In the development of iOS often encounter two words frame and bounds, this article mainly elaborated frame and bound difference, especially bound very around, difficult to understand.First, take a look at the accepted information: first

iOS development-camera (camera) gets to the picture automatically rotated 90 degree solution

Today, when writing a demo, it is found that if you take the image obtained through the camera, direct operation, such as cropping, scaling, the original image will be rotated 90 degrees.At first I felt baffled and overwhelmed. Later Baidu a bit,

Gesture monitoring and UI implementation for iOS Xiaomi remote control

This article implements a function page similar to the MI gesture remote control through an example.As shown below:The response of the touch event is performed through the touch practice monitoring of the system.The collection of points is cached

The URI and example of common intent for Android development

Reference: following is the URI of the commonly used intent and its examples, including the common intent used in most applications. One, open a Web page, the category is Intent.action_viewuri uri =

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