Six methods for obtaining the path from the Pocket PC

There are many methods to obtain a path in c #. The following are commonly used: For example, the current executable path is: E:/temp/Pocket PC CopyFile/bin/Debug/Pocket PC CopyFile. EXE. 1. // obtain the current working directory of the application.

Port sqlite for symbian

Go directly to the sqlite website to file a source code, and then change the file read/write interface to symbian. You can use it ..   But it should be noted that, do not make it into a dll, but do not support static in static lib. dll. If you want

IOS cainiao learning-Use of NSSortDescriptor

We take the sorting of arrays as an example (perhaps the most common use of NSSortDescriptor is in NSFetchedResultsController, but its usage is roughly the same ).Assume that you want to sort the objects in the userArray, And the array contains

IOS learning-Map, positioning, and location Marking

It is easier to use maps on IOS than Android. You only need to create a MKMapView and addSubView. The following figure shows the implementation result: There are labels (PINs), positioning, and maps. 1. Add a map1.1 select the default option for a

PhoneGap API help documentation-Device)

The device object describes the hardware and software of the device.Attribute:Device. nameDevice. phonegapDevice. platformDevice. uuidDevice. version Variable scope:Because the device is assigned to the window object, it is implicitly indicated that

Example of developing a map of Blackberry web bees: overlay a custom Layer

During application development, you often need to draw a point of user-defined interest or custom Ry on the map. The base provided by RasterMap in the Road Map package is an image. [Java]Protected void paint (Graphics g ){Map. paint (mapGraphics );G.

Attributes in objective-c

The declaration list in property has been classified into the following categories: 1. Declare the access method of the attribute: Getter = getterNameSetter = setterNameDeclares the access attribute settings and method names.2. Declare the

[Wood cocos2d-x] HelloWorld bottom how to play?

Cocos2D-x HelloWorld bottom how to play? After reading the tutorial, you still need to write HelloWorld on your own to remember it. So before writing HelloWorld, you still need to check others' HelloWorld ~ (The following CS-X is short for Cocos2D-X)

AVAudioPlayer code for continuous playing of Music (to the singleton)

Leave a message below. I will explain it. -(Void) audioPlayerDecodeErrorDidOccur :( AVAudioPlayer *) player error :( NSError *) error{[Self orderToPlayBackGroundMusic];}-(Void) audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying :( AVAudioPlayer *) player successfully :(

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