"HTTP request message and HTTP response message" In-depth nginx

HTTP Request messageThis is necessary to understand, at least we need to know when Nginx provides HTTP services, the client will pass something. What the client sends in an HTTP request is called an HTTP request message.1. The request line

How to strictly control the session expiration time in PHP

The first kind of answerThen, the most common answer is: Set the session expiration time, that is session.gc_maxlifetime, this answer is not correct, for the following reasons:1. First, this PHP is using a certain probability to run the GC of the

On the prototype in JS

1. Introduction?? Inheritance (inheritance), Encapsulation (encapsulation), and polymorphism (polymorphism) are the main features of object-oriented mechanisms. In JS, there is no "class" concept, nature can not directly do Java, C + + commonly used

01-http profile-four-layer seven-layer three-time handshake

HTTP introduction, request method and response status codeNext, I would like to review the TCP/IP protocol family related things, of course, most of these things were learned in college, but that sentence, the basis of things still need to review

Postgres type of JSON/JSONB

First, IntroductionJSON is a full copy of the input, and then parse it, so it preserves the input spaces, repetition keys, and order. The JSONB is a binary that is saved after parsing the input, and it removes unnecessary spaces and duplicate keys

httpd static file cache and log not logged

HTTPD does not log access logs for the specified elementWhen visiting a Web page, httpd will record the picture on this page, Js/css page or video access to a class of record information, and store this information in the log, logging is very

Nodejs Buffer Module Detailed

First, the opening analysisThe so-called buffer buffers, which means "temporary storage area", is a memory that temporarily stores input and output data.The JS language itself has only a string data type and no binary data type, so Nodejs provides a

Linux PHP FastCGI

Linux PHP FastCGI1 FastCGIFastCGI: The Fast Universal Gateway Interface (Fast Common gateway interface/fastcgi) is a protocol that lets an interactive program communicate with a Web server.FastCGI is like a resident (long-live) CGI, which can be

Nginx uses Naxsi to build a Web application firewall (WAF), anti-XSS, anti-injection XXX

Naxsi is an open source, efficient and low maintenance rule for Nginx Web application Firewall (Web application Firewall) module. The primary goal of Naxsi is to harden Web applications against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-domain

The difference between a URI and a URL


the difference between a URL and a URI: https://danielmiessler.com/study/url-uri/(Wiki explained)? There are many classic high-tech debates, and the question of what formally calls Web addresses is one of the most nuanced. This usually manifests

Optimal implementation of front and back end separation using Nuxt.js to quickly build single-page SSR applications

Often we build SSR applications that require our own selection of multiple components to be integrated togetherwebpack Babel loaders Router server-render various inlet configurations, etc.For SSR applications built on vue+vuex+vue-router components,

About the ebay Platform Interface (PHP) Docking example

Get Order Interface SamplePublic Function Importebayorder () {Set_time_limit (0);if (Empty ($this->_shopapiebay->token)) {Self::fail (Self::code_failure, ' Shop: '). Shop::findone ($this->_shopapiebay->id)->name. ' Empty token ');}else {$ps =

Use curl in PHP for Get and POST requests

CURL is a tool that uses URL syntax to transfer files and data, and supports many protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, Telnet, and so on. Best of all, PHP also supports the CURL library. Using the PHP Curl Library, you can easily and effectively grab pages.

PHP for third-party logins

1. oAuth2.0 principleWebsite in order to facilitate users to quickly login system, will provide the use of well-known third-party platform account for fast login function, third-party login is based on the oAuth2.0 standard to achieve. The following

Phase 26 20180731 php5 install PHP7 Install

July 31 Task11.10/11.11/11.12 installation PHP511.13 Installing PHP7What exactly is mysql,mysqli,mysqlnd,pdo in PHP http://blog.csdn.net/u013785951/article/details/60876816View compilation Parameters http://ask.apelearn.com/question/1295Install the

PHP Math function

Base_convert ($number, $frombase, $tobase)//Convert a number between arbitrary binariesCeil ($float)//Up roundingFloor ($float)//Down roundingEXP ($float)//calculate E's exponentHypot ($x, $y)//Calculate the hypotenuse length of right triangleIs_nan

Php-cpp Development Extension (v)

Php-cpp is a C + + library for developing PHP extensions. This section explains how to implement PHP classes in C + +.Class and object classes and objectsHow do you write PHP classes in php-cpp? Very simple, see the following example:main.cpp/** *

"PHP Project" "Smarty" Smarty intercept string method truncate

Smarty Truncate intercept string//In SQL Truncate is delete table (truncate is delete content only, deletedeletes completely )Intercepts a length of characters from the beginning of a string, with a default length of 80Specifies the length of the

PHP command injection function and DVWA command injection practice

Command Injection VulnerabilityNote: Analysis of command injection vulnerability and function parsing with command injection vulnerabilityFunctions with Command Injection Vulnerability: System (), exec (), PassThru (), shell_exec (), ' ' (Same as

Combination Inheritance of JS inheritance (combining prototype chain inheritance and borrowing constructor inheritance)

Review the disadvantages of borrowing constructor inheritanceLet's look at the last code we used in borrowing constructor inheritance://Parent class: Peoplefunction Person () { This. Head ='Head'; This. Emotion = ['Hi','Anger','Grief','le'];//all

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