JSON serialization is customized to support datetime types, and to Chinese to keep him in Chinese form

What types of data can be processed when JSON is serialized? How to customize support for datetime typesCustom Time-serialized convertersImportJSON fromJsonImportJsonencoder fromDatetimeImportdatetimeclassComplexencoder (jsonencoder):defdefault

LDAP next day-yum install LDAP + phpldapadmin

1. Install LDAP server and client, Migrationtools ToolkitYum Install -y openldap-servers openldap-clients migrationtools2. Set OPENLDAP Administrator passwordslappasswd123456 123456The encrypted password string is returned and the string is

php5,7 Installation

Installing PHP5 PHP official website www.php.net Current mainstream version is 5.6/7.1 cd/usr/local/src/ wget http://cn2.php.net/distributions/php-5.6.30.tar.gz Tar zxf php-6.6.30.tar.gz CD php-5.6.30

kubernetes1.10--Binary Cluster deployment

Previous blog post have introduced the use of KUBEADM Automation to install kubernetes, but since each component is run as a container, there is not much involved in the specifics of the configuration, in order to better understand the role of each

PHP settings File type Content-type

In PHP, you can send header information through the header function, you can also set the file Content-type, the following collation of some common file types for the Content-type value.Date 2015-06-22Defining the EncodingHeader (' Content-type:text/

Token of web Security

Learn about Token-based authentication recently and share it with everyone. Many large web sites are also used, such as Facebook,twitter,google+,github, and so on, compared to traditional authentication methods, Token is more extensible and more

Installing PHP5 and PHP7

Installing PHP5Download the source Packagewget http://cn2.php.net/distributions/php-5.6.30.tar.gzUnzip the source packagetar -zxvf php-5.6.30.tar.gzTo compile (enter the directory after PHP decompression)./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php

Requests in the Web: Get vs. post

The difference between get and post requests in the Web:1, get is to add the parameter data queue to the submission form the Action property refers to the URL, the value and the form within the field one by one corresponding to the URL can be seen.

Learn Web HTML (ii) tags, hyperlinks, special symbols, lists, music, scrolling, head, and more from scratch

Hello everyone, here is daotin from the beginning of the Web series tutorial. This article is starting in " daotin balderdash ", Welcome to subscribe to the attention. Here I will start with the Web front End 0 Foundation, step-up learning

"TP3.2 + any other PHP framework" edit, delete, add data, return to the original page (Ajax+form two ways to submit all can)

1, Purpose 1: In the following page, p=2, for example, we delete the data id=13, through the Ajax commit {id,p} 2 parameters, it is possible, the page return json URL parameter is the same as the P.2. Objective 2:Step 1: In the following page, edit

WebSocket and sockets

Original: WebSocket and socketWebSocket and socketsTags:websocket and sockets Introduction: Many friends want to know the connection and the difference between websocket and socket, here is what you want First to a picture collected

HTTPS Popular Literacy

Why HTTPS is requiredHTTP is transmitted in plaintext, which means that any node in the middle of the sender and receiver can know what you're transmitting. These nodes may be routers, proxies, and so on.For the most common example, a user logs in.

WAMP Local Environment Upgrade PHP version-second attempt

php7.1.17 practice of php5.6.25 Upgrade in WAMP environmentThis article refers to: https://www.cnblogs.com/hubaohua1588/p/6884146.html to operate.1. Download a php7.1.17 from the official website, address http://windows.php.net/download/2. Unzip the

JS in the arrow function and for the arrow function this point to the problem of the monomer mode

ES6 allows you to define functions using the arrow (= =)var f = a = > a// equals varfunction(a) { return A; }If the arrow function does not require arguments or requires more than one argument, a parenthesis is used to represent the parameter

Analysis on the principle and usage of Ajax

1 Ajax Principles Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (异步的JavaScript和XML)),是一种快速创建动态网页的技术,目的是显示动态局部刷新.通过XMLHttpResponse对象来向服务器发起异步请求,从服务器获取数据.(1) 异步的javascript: 使用javaScript语言及功能向服务器发起请求,当服务器处理完请求之后,自动执行javaScript回调函数.(客户端可以不需要等到服务器响应才能运行)(2)

Trace function in laravel similar to thinkphp

The answer comes from https://segmentfault.com/q/1010000007716945.First Floor:Go to https://packagist.org to search for the keywords you want, such as checkingdebugbarThe list has a description, in fact, can be seen at a glance

WAMP Local Environment Upgrade PHP version

(1) Download the latest version of PHPhttp://windows.php.net/download/(2) Unzip and put into the wamp/bin/php directory(3)Copy the following files from the existing PHP version file:-PHP.ini, Phpforapache.ini, and wampserver.conf to the newly

JS to implement the page jump (return to the previous page, the next page)

One: JS reload page, local refresh, return to previous pageCopy the code code as follows: Back Reload page, local refresh Back to previous Reload page, local refresh Return to the first two pages and refresh the JS code should be how to write.Copy

HTTP status Code Daquan


NewsEditThis type of status code, on behalf of which the request has been accepted, needs to be processed. This type of response is a temporary response that contains only the status line and some optional response header information and ends with a

Web Image conversion gadget maker

Html12345 Image Online webp/png/jpeg format conversion tool 67 89Ten One A - - the Image Online webp/png/jpeg format conversion tool - - Select Picture: - + Choose Format: - + Ajpeg format atpng format - - - - Start conversion

Total Pages: 10632 1 .... 369 370 371 372 373 .... 10632 Go to: GO

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